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5G is for growth

Open up a world of opportunity

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Discover the use cases to shape your 5G journey
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Be the first to launch innovative 5G services

Scale up to unleash the potential of your 5G deployment

Nokia can help you use 5G to take your service offer beyond connectivity. As your trusted 5G partner, we will work with you to develop new services that create real value and scale up your business.

Our 5G solutions enable you to bring more speed and capacity to your customers. They also give you the agility, intelligence and automated tools you need to deliver new low-latency services.
With our end-to-end portfolio and proven expertise, you get everything you need to unleash the full potential of 5G.

5G Service capability

The new era of the 5G application ecosystem

With its openness and programmability, the CSP’s 5G network can act as a key service enabler. CSPs, as key stakeholders in the incubation of new services, can benefit from new business opportunities. Nokia’s solution is a common 5G exposure platform for CSPs, developers and third-party application providers, based on clear rules, ease of creation and openness to help all parties meet their goals as they move to 5G. Nokia Network Exposure Function provides the following functions:

  • Expose network services to third party applications via APIs
  • Developer environment and SDK for CSP and community 
  • Service mashup to create end-to-end offers that combine all network assets 
  • Integration layer to connect to CSP’s network elements 

Digital Design with 5G

Open the treasure chest and uncover the treasures in 5G via Nokia’s Digital Design.

5G Cloud Native Core

Explore the new interactive infographic to learn how Nokia 5G Cloud Native Core enables you to deliver the extraordinary

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Prepare your business for 5G success

Many service providers are developing 5G strategies and identifying which use cases they can monetize. Like them, you may be looking for help to ensure a successful 5G rollout. The Nokia 5G Maturity Index offers best practices for the 5G era, including insights based on 50 service providers’ approaches to 5G deployment.