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Connected Vehicles

Making journeys safer, more efficient, and more fun

How do we make better use of our roads? 5G car connectivity enables vehicles to connect to each other, to the infrastructure, to network services, and to other road users such as cyclists and pedestrians. That means roads can be safer, faster, and more energy efficient. In-vehicle infotainment will make journeys more pleasant too. 

Nokia is a founding member of the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA). The 5GAA aims to bring automotive and telecommunications companies together to harmonize and accelerate the introduction of intelligent transport and communication solutions.

5G paves the future for Connected Vehicles

Enable compelling in-car experiences

Thanks to 5G, we can make best use of our time on the road. Using 5G car infotainment services, passengers can catch up on TV box sets or prepare for their meeting, as easily as if they were at home.

Service providers will play an important role in the infotainment ecosystem, alongside car manufacturers and content providers. Together, they can enable more fulfilling in-vehicle experiences:

  • Deliver high definition video to the car, for entertainment and education on the move.
  • Stream cloud-based games, supporting live interactions with other players in real time.
  • Enable web browsing and wi-fi in the vehicle, to bring the full power of the internet to the passenger seat.

The enhanced bandwidth of 5G New Radio enables richer infotainment and more immersive in-car entertainment experiences

Edge computing

Nokia’s multi-access edge computing (MEC) platform puts processing power at the edge of the network, for faster gaming and higher quality video.

In new research, consumers and enterprises reveal the value and opportunities they see for 5G

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