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AVA -Customer and Mobile Network Insights

Unleash limitless insights and unify your operations.

Plan your mobile network in the most cost-effective way while delivering superior customer experience and democratizing your data using telecom analytics.

How to use telecom analytics to monitor complex 5G networks?

With multiple layers of network technology and data growth, 5G networks are becoming more complex than ever. This complexity adds to capital costs, meaning that 5G requires updated business models and use cases to monetize these investments.

New and legacy technologies working together, the complexity of the services and the speed at which they are expected to react will demand a major change in operational processes.

Currently, mobility management, session control and customer experience data are fragmented among multiple core and radio network layers, many of them supplied by different 5G vendors. This leads to an uncoordinated analysis of individual network elements’ KPIs - the result is an incomplete picture of the full performance of the 5G network.

Correlated records are needed to evaluate and troubleshoot the full performance for each subscriber or subscriber group, location, device type and 5G slice. Providing these more complete overviews across departments will help a CSP break down its internal silos.

Meeting customer needs in the 5G era while maintaining a cost-effective network is even more challenging.

Meeting customer needs in the 5G era

Achieving real-time visibility of a customer’s journey across networks, transactions and interactions is vital. This can reveal very inconsistent and disjointed customer experiences.

Creating this single view of the subscriber means not only pulling in data from many different sources, but also breaking down silos inside the CSP.Meeting this challenge requires a solution that gives an end-to-end view of insights across multiple domains. This solution should cover the mobile network as well as offering end-to-end customer visibility that can be accessed by multiple departments.

AVA Customer and Mobile Network Insights

Using data is essential for CSPs aiming to optimize their network and meet their customer needs. Nokia AVA Customer and Mobile Network Insights unleashes limitless insights to multiple CSP departments.

It uses AI to collect and analyse data and give actionable insights with next step recommendations to multiple teams. With Customer and Mobile Network insights, CSPs can plan their mobile network in the most cost-effective way while delivering superior customer experience.

customer and mobile network insights

AVA Customer and Mobile Network Insights gives you a complete view of the telco customer journey, including customer service, apps, devices and your mobile network performance. It helps you proactively solve issues with next step recommendations and prioritize improvements based on their customer and business impact.

AVA Customer and Mobile Network Insights enable multiple use cases – such as:

  • 4G/5G radio analytics & troubleshooting
  • Customer end-to-end journey monitoring and care
  • Real-time network performance monitoring
  • 5G device analytics
  • VoLTE and VoNR gap analysis
  • Application throughput and root cause analysis

AVA Customer and Mobile Network Insights is a cloud native and multi-vendor solution, using AI/ML and making it easy to collect and analyse data from networks, services and customer interactions. The AVA Customer and Mobile Network Insights’ distributed architecture (edge and central) enables CSPs to use ultra-low latency use cases, open up new revenue possibilities with ecosystem partners and make custom data-models and use cases.

Democratize your network data and unify your operations with real time insights

Network Analytics & Operations

Preventing & prioritizing network issues in order to minimize customer impact.

  • Locations
  • Affected subscribers
  • Failures
  • Usage
  • Devices
  • OTT apps

Marketing & Product

Personalized marketing and product development based on feedback.

  • Individuals
  • Groups
  • Corporations
  • High Value /VIP
  • Inbound & Outbound
  • Roamers
  • Churn drivers

Customer Care

Reduce average handling time and improve care experience simply by knowing what happened and why

  • Device, Apps
  • Locations
  • Network data
  • Service points
  • Billing


Summarized insights for prioritized decision making

  • Executive dashboards

Built on AVA Open Analytics - framework

AVA Customer and Mobile Network Insights is developed on Nokia’s state-of-the-art analytics framework, AVA Open Analytics. The data mesh approach delivers real-time insights and ad-hoc reporting to support intelligent and automated decision making, as well as new business models for CSPs. It simplifies the collection and analysis of data from networks and services as a cloud-native, and multi-vendor solution.

In short, AVA Open Analytics Framework provides a unified approach to analytics, accelerating innovation and the creation of new value for CSPs.

Discover more about Nokia’s data mesh approach and the AVA Open Analytics Framework here.

Why choose Nokia AVA Customer and Mobile Network Insights

AVA Customer and Mobile Network Insights helps communications service providers (CSPs) to become more customer-centric across their business functions, and move towards automated network operations.

Nokia has proven to help CSP’s boost their productivity, improve NPS, show churn drivers, improve care agents work and help detect network issues correctly and faster.

AVA Customer and Mobile Network Insights can help CSP to:

Customer Experience:

  • Gain 360 view on mobile customer experience (voice, data, SMS, services, apps, devices) and improve customer experience
  • Measure Proxy-NPS, to effectively detect promotors & detractors
  • Proactive customer care with next step recommendations
  • Personalized marketing

Monitoring and optimizing network:

  • Optimize and plan telecom operations with intelligence
  • Prioritize and resolve network and subscriber problems proactively with next step recommendations
  • Full visibility to 4G/5G network joint performance with correlated reports, and ability to monitor customer journey through network technologies
  • Enable real-time slicing and dicing of the data per the key dimensions
  • Automated end to end network correlations and root cause analysis

Future ready technology:

  • Vendor-agnostic - Eliminates time and resources to identify different vendor data.
  • Reduces financial burden and gives simplicity with one stop for all data. Eliminates the need to have complicated connections between teams.
  • Openness – possibility to share insights with API’s
  • Data democratization Data Mesh, Cloud-native & AI/ML capabilities for the 5G era

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