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AVA - Customer Journey Orchestration

Deliver a complete customer journey

Delivering a holistic telco customer journey

Telco Consumers and enterprises today expect nothing but outstanding experiences. Digital-native companies have set the bar for meeting that expectation, bringing a customer-centric, digital-first focus and creating new kinds of value with simple and transparent subscription business models.

The customer journey challenge for CSPs

As Communication Service Providers (CSPs) fight to maintain market share, they must go beyond connectivity and deliver new applications via new business models, putting the customer at the heart of everything they do.

A key question for CSPs today is how to meet their consumer and enterprise customers with the right offer, at the right time, wherever they are.  


Challenges in telecom data access and customer engagement tools

Lack of access to real-time network data to make more real-time, contextual, personalized recommendations is a key issue for marketing and Customer Value Management (CVM) teams today.

Generic customer engagement systems and tools not designed for the telecom marketing or covering all customers (B2C / B2B / B2B2X), requiring heavy coding and time investment leading to increased TTM

Lack of telco customer journey and cascaded marketing and offerings for mass / multiple events / touchpoints

Critical success factors for successful CVM

There are four critical success factors for successful CVM:



Knowing how to use data when it’s fresh and most valuable, acting in real time with awareness of customers’ digital behavior to provide personalized offers



Understanding what matters to customers at a given point in time and creating segments and/or micro-segments — again, in real-time — to provide relevant content in right context


Digital Channels

Shifting from traditional telco customer care, point-of-sale, email and SMS channels to engage consumer and enterprise customers via social media and other digital channels such as mobile apps, mobile wallets, games, streaming platforms and more



Knowing how to combine offerings flexibly with partner offerings and push on-the-spot, real-time promotions (e.g., a tailored roaming offer or airport shop voucher to a business traveler)

AVA Customer Journey Orchestration

Nokia's AVA Customer Journey Orchestration implements holistic customer journey orchestration for CSPs to automate real-time and contextual marketing and engagement with their end customers (B2C, B2B(2x)) via digital marketplaces.

Our approach to 360 view of the telco consumer and enterprise customers

AVA Customer Journey Orchestration correlates data from real-time CSP systems (e.g., charging systems) with subscriber information and relevant inputs from other business support systems (BSS) that is AI optimized, to launch automated, contextual and personalized engagement actions such as recommendations, promotions and ads in real time. 

It starts from an understanding of customer contextual behavior and usage patterns, blending historical intelligence with real-time data and triggers, providing a holistic, 360 view of the consumer and enterprise customers.

AVA Customer Journey Orchestration benefits

For all customers (B2C / B2B / B2B2X)

Personalized customer engagement and touchpoints based on usage history and real-time data for consumer and enterprise customer

Telco industry expertise

Benefit from engagement models built for different telco customer segments, lines of business and selected CVM strategies

Network aware

Full access to real-time network events and network analytics through Nokia’s unrivaled domain expertise 

Designed for marketing

No-code UX to plan and configure new promotions for different target audiences in minutes 

Partner and ecosystem enabled

Innovate with digital partners to provide rich offerings and open APIs enable seamless connectivity, operational agility and customer centricity across a complex digital services ecosystem  

Proven, real-time solution

Engage customers in real-time, contextual manner with intelligent utilization of real-time network data

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