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AVA - Customer experience analytics

Power your customer service management and improve your telco customer experience

What is the purpose of customer experience analytics?  

One major challenge for any Communications Service Provider (CSP) is tracking an individual’s journey across networks, transactions and interactions together, which can reveal an inconsistent and disjointed customer experience. Having a 360 degree view of your customer is vital to providing exceptional customer experiences.

To create this single view of the subscriber means not only pulling in data from many different sources, but it also requires breaking down silos inside the CSP. Consumers buying services from a CSP view all branches as a single company, while inside the CSP, fixed and mobile networks are completely separated from a customer experience angle. It is impossible to understand a complete view of the customer journey across the entire network if those are separated.

A holistic way to understand your customer’s experience across mobile and fixed networks, services and business is an imperative for the CSP. The only way to alleviate the challenges is to build a solution that gives an end-to-end view of insights across multiple domains.

How to improve customer experience in telecom?

Nokia’s customer experience analytics gives you a complete view of customer satisfaction, revenue, and device and network performance. It helps you identify issues quickly and prioritize improvements based on their customer and business impact.

Your customers expect to consume any content on any device and enjoy superior network and service quality. To keep them happy, you need access to customer experience data and key performance indicators (KPIs). But this information is scattered across different teams within your organization.

Our customer experience analytics provides real-time data intelligence for off-the-shelf use cases that augment human intelligence in networks, operations, care, marketing and management and to automate business processes, for example:

  • Automated network optimization
  • Autonomous care
  • Automated marketing engagements
  • Automated VIP monitoring
  • Automated SLA monitoring

Nokia AVA Customer Insights – A holistic approach to telco customer experience

Nokia AVA Customer Insights collects all customer-centric network and business data. This approach supports mobile and fixed networks, multi-technology and multi-vendor environments in an agnostic manner so that CSPs can leverage existing investments in data sources. The offering builds on a platform for processing large amounts of customer data and converting it into real-time, long term and predictive, actionable insights. It comes with off-the-shelf use cases as well as micro-services and open APIs for any CSP application and machine learning or analytical environment.

Towards ultimate customer-centricity

Profile-driven ML CEI across touchpoints for every individual subscriber

Unique X-dimensional data model with 330+ business and network KPIs and dimensions, for slicing and dicing

Most comprehensive use case library in the market with operationalized use cases

Openness and flexibility (APIs, toolkits and interfaces, probe agnostic)

Customer Insights enables the operators to address questions that are of interest for different organizations


Technical complaint reduction in care by prioritizing actions based on customer impact for Middle Eastern Operator



Network NPS improvement for European Operator




Agents report increased customer engagement for American Operator

Marketing and sales


Agents have improved identification and resolution of customer problems for American Operator

Customer care


Issues proactively detected before customers call care for European Operator

Service operations

Nokia AVA Customer Insights features and benefits

Nokia’s customer experience analytics brings together an AI-driven view of customer, service, network, billing and transactions insights, providing a common language across business functions. These business insights are actionable and linked to CSP business processes and priorities, thereby enabling the CSP to steer their operations across departments in line with their business goals.

The solution also comes with pre-built content applications to drive the most common outcomes, for example, in a care or operations center. And the overall offering includes advanced consulting to help CSPs assess and prioritize use cases and drive adoption and outcomes across their organization.

Customer Experience Index

  • Single score for every individual subscriber in the network
  • Measure Proxy-NPS, to effectively detect promotors & detractors
  • Most contributing KPIs for Subscriber experience

Customer Quality Insights (including High Value & Roamers)

  • Customer problems per Group, per Location, Per device, Per Service
  • Voice, data and messaging failure and usage trends
  • Inbound roamers’ network experience
  • Enterprises and high ARPU & VIP individuals

Customer Care Insights

  • Individual subscriber troubleshooting for voice, SMS & data
  • Real time diagnosis & drill downs
  • Clear view of the satisfaction, profile and usage trends for single subscriber

Subscriber Clustering

  • Inbuilt subscriber profile with Dimensions and KPI, for Clustering using machine learning algorithms 
  • Over the Top Insights (OTT) & Service Experience 
  • Near real time view of OTT service usage, quality & service trending
  • Understand QoE of Each Apps, in Each location and Impact on Subscribers

Fixed Broadband Insights

  • Per Subscriber, per group, per segment, Per location, Per network element, per device analytic Insights for Fixed broadband experience
  • Connectivity Index to measure experience

Why choose Nokia for telco business intelligence and customer experience management

Nokia AVA Customer Insights for telco business intelligence and telco customer experience management comes with embedded analytics and machine-learning automation and artificial intelligence algorithms implemented by Bell Labs. It provides flexibility and openness with analytics toolkits and open APIs.

Customer Insights helps you increase customer satisfaction by giving you relevant data about customer and network experience, roamers, corporate customers, and customer care. You can use this data to:

  • Gain a holistic view of the fixed and mobile customer experience
  • Move from reactive reporting to predictive analytics and automated actions
  • Adopt an analytical approach that focuses your teams, tools, and processes on the customer experience

In addition, our solution lets you boost your customer experience management capabilities from any starting point. It gives you actionable insights on every customer and cell. Built-in analytics that use Bell Labs machine learning algorithms automatically tune these insights to your needs and improve prediction of customer satisfaction scoring.

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