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AVA - Network Data Analytics Function

5G network analytics help CSPs to create new revenues

Data analytics helps CSPs to improve customer experiences and use their 5G investments to create new sources of revenue. It also enables more predictive and proactive network operations.

What is NWDAF in 5G?

The Nokia AVA NWDAF is a new network function that collects data from 5G Core network functions, performs network analytics and provides insights with closed loop automation to authorized data consumers. These include external users taking advantage of open APIs to help generate greater innovation and unlock new value. Nokia’s distributed NWDAF architecture makes analytics available where needed to meet the varying latency requirements of 5G use cases.


Nokia AVA NWDAF complies with 3GPP specifications for the 5G Standalone Core and offers unique and valuable propositions beyond the standards. This standard approach to collect, analyze and expose data allows CSPs to manage, automate and optimize their 5G network operations much more efficiently.

Nokia AVA NWDAF is cloud-native, multi-vendor capable and probeless solution, making it easy to collect and analyze data from networks and services. It is part of the Nokia AVA analytics and AI product range, offering software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery and consumption models to quickly deploy new applications in an agile manner.

Why does 5G analytics need distributed architecture?

The Nokia architecture includes an edge NWDAF co-located with Core Network Functions (NFs) and a central NWDAF. The edge NWDAF serves low/ultra-low latency use cases while the central NWDAF supports use cases that do not have real-time requirements and includes functions such as the data and Machine Learning (ML) models repository for the continuous training of AI/ML models.

NWDAF video

Nokia AVA NWDAF Executive summary

“5G creates opportunities for CSPs to deliver advanced services to customers beyond connectivity and a SaaS based NWDAF solution will be an important component in facilitating the creation of these new revenue generation opportunities. The Nokia AVA NWDAF can be delivered as a service and has a distributed architecture to make analytics available where needed, to meet varying latency requirements for new customer service offerings”.
Adaora Okeleke
Principal Analyst, Data, AI and Development Tools, Cloud and Platform Services, Analysys Mason

How is network analytics beneficial to businesses?

5G use cases with predictive network analytics and insights help to monetize 5G network insights and increase innovation and new business with Nokia AVA NWDAF.

Why is predictive QoE important for many 5G use cases?

In the enterprise domain, promising enterprise use cases range from autonomous vehicles and robots to 5G drones, while cloud gaming will create consumer demand for low and consistent latency to deliver an enjoyable user experience.

5g use cases

Network performance and reliability are critical considerations in 5G use cases, from autonomous vehicles and their remote operation, to public safety cases. NWDAF plays a key role here. It can help CSPs make 5G proactive and predictive for their partners for such 5G use cases. Predictive analytics makes QoE itself more predictable, needed by use cases such as autonomous vehicles, delivery robots and 5G drones.


The Money Is in the Verticals – How Analytics Unlocks 5G Value

Why is an ecosystem of partners important?

Nokia AVA NWDAF enables a wide range of use cases jointly created with customers and partners. Using open APIs, CSPs can share network insights with an ecosystem of partners and jointly create valuable propositions. CSPs could also use an open ecosystem to create a 5G ML marketplace of applications.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

Our AVA NWDAF product is available in a Software-as-a-Service delivery model. Learn more about SaaS on our dedicated webpage.

Nokia AVA NWDAF and Google Cloud - unlocking the value of network data

Data is a strategic asset for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) striving to meet business priorities and achieve digital transformation. Analyzing and offering business insights based on network data improves customer experiences and helps CSPs use their 5G investments to create new sources of revenue.

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Nokia AVA NWDAF and Google Cloud - unlocking the value of network data

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