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BT partners with Nokia to deliver superior customer experience and improve operational efficiency

Elevated customer expectations and growing data consumption drive AIOps demand

Communication service providers (CSPs) must satisfy the escalating expectations of telco consumers regarding the quality of their home broadband performance while also coping with the exponential growth of data consumption within the home environment. To address these challenges, it’s crucial to possess full visibility into the home environment with insights about customer devices and networks. This, in turn, empowers CSPs to offer effective solutions and enhance the network's overall performance.

Why is an AIOps solution needed?

BT recognized the need for an AIOps solution that could provide real-time observability into telco customers' home devices, streamline workflows to simplify the process of troubleshooting fixed broadband issues and deliver actionable recommendations. By implementing such a solution, BT enhances the overall telco customer experience while also achieving excellence in operational efficiency.

Business benefits: improved telco customer experience, optimized network operation and reduced OPEX

  • Enhanced telco customer experience through an overall improvement in quality of service and reduced friction across customer care touchpoints
  • Excellence in network operations efficiency through streamlined workflows and single-pane-of-glass visibility
  • Optimized network operations through real time observability into the customer home environment
  • Reduced OPEX thanks to remote troubleshooting and problem resolution.

Home Wi-Fi environment: the primary source of reported issues, BT reports

According to BT, 60% of reported issues stem from the home Wi-Fi environment, as opposed to the access network.

This is attributable to the significant number of multi-vendor endpoints, nearly 10 million, that BT manages in homes. The task of managing these devices effectively and efficiently poses a considerable challenge to the company, particularly in ensuring their reliability and performance.

Reliable and high-performance connectivity

Delivering reliable and high-performance broadband connectivity to their extensive subscriber base is also challenging for BT, especially with the rising demands of customers for better home Wi-Fi performance and the rapid growth of residential data consumption. The company faced prolonged call handling times and difficulties in identifying and resolving problems, leading to a high percentage of calls requiring truck-rolls to customer premises. 

Maintaning high customer satisfaction levels

Given the criticality of prompt and efficient problem resolution to maintain high customer satisfaction levels, BT's customer care agents and advisers require full visibility into customer home devices and networks, as well as the appropriate tools to analyse the network and how to enhance performance for customers.

Solution to address network challenges

Nokia, in collaboration with BT, has developed the Homeview solution to address the challenges faced by the operator. Homeview comprises three key components – Nokia’s Home Device Manager, Service Management Platform and AVA Fixed Network Insights products.

Introducing Homeview for real-time network view

Homeview gives BT’s call center agents and advisers a real-time, complete view of the network, from individual subscribers to devices, in order to quickly correct in-home issues, and provide the best telco customer service across all its phone and digital channels.

Providing network insights of the broadband CPEs and the home environment.

Raw telemetry data is aggregated from the devices and the home network in real-time and translated into intuitive scores for network quality and device performance. These are then juxtaposed onto a visual network to provide operations and customer teams simplified observability and contextual understanding of historical and current states of the broadband CPEs and the home environment.

How Nokia’s AI/ML models uncover potential home network issues

Bell Labs AI/ML predictive models are applied to telemetry data to uncover hidden correlations and causality related to current and potential home network issues. For example, the solution can predict poor network performance, identify/attribute the root cause and recommend specific configuration updates or software upgrades to mitigate the problem.

These issues and recommendations are presented through a “Smart Assistant” on HomeView. The Smart Assistant prioritizes problems and provides the next best actions to customer care who can then run automated workflows to quickly resolve current problems and proactively address future potential issues.

HomeView: helping BT move to AI-driven and predictive operations

HomeView is helping BT move from reactive operations to AI-driven, predictive operations that correlate network and device events to drive intelligent automation and create a closed-loop environment to fix things faster and set the foundation for future self-healing fixed broadband networks.

The success of HomeView and BT's commitment to providing the best customer experience by investing in AI, analytics, and other state-of-the-art technology led to an expansion of their partnership with Nokia in Device Management and Customer Care. A five-year deal has been signed to include AVA Analytics software for fixed networks.

Nokia AVA Fixed Network Insights: helping BT to improve operational efficiency

Nokia AVA Fixed Network Insights is helping BT utilize AI/ML driven prescriptive insights to improve network diagnosis and remote troubleshooting processes, while reducing unnecessary onsite technician visits, truck rolls and device swaps. This enhances operations efficiency and customer experience, demonstrating BT's unwavering commitment to delivering superior service.


Results: Streamlined telco customer experience: boosted efficiency and cost reduction

Nokia solution Homeview provides 6,000+ BT care agents with a 360 degree view of their customers,  enabling them to manage over 10 million Wi-Fi endpoints (CPE/STB) and process over 100 million transactions per day to optimize broadband connections. 

The solution has proven to significantly enhance customer experience, improve operational efficiency and reduce network operations and customer care costs:

  • 5% improvement in first contact resolution resulting in fewer field technicians being sent to customer locations
  • Multi-million GBP OPEX savings annually due to truck-roll reductions and reduced call handling time, 
  • Reduction of few hundred thousand troubleshooting calls annually, through insight driven proactive troubleshooting.
“Our expanded partnership with Nokia is another demonstration of our commitment to providing the best customer experience by investing in AI, analytics, and other state-of the-art technology. Our partnership will help BT’s customer service agents provide the best service across all phone and digital channels and continue to make BT the only network to answer 100% of customer calls in the UK.”
Nick Lane
Managing Director for Consumer Customer Services at BT

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