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Wrocław, the 1000-year-old city of the future

Wrocław, the 1000-year-old city of the future

Historic city builds a platform for delivering citizen-centric digital services

Nokia has signed a strategic partnership with Wrocław, Poland to begin a digital transformation that will help the city deliver more efficient and responsive services. The key to the transformation is a dynamic smart city platform that enables Wrocław to use advanced networking and digital technologies to provide services tailored to the needs of citizens.



Wrocław is a historic city that wants to use technology to create smart solutions for the big challenges of the future.

Support an aging population

Evolve care and mobility services to address the needs of a growing population of older adults and a shrinking population of younger workers.

Build a dynamic economy

Find innovative ways to create opportunities for local businesses and entice more university graduates and young professionals to stay in Wrocław to pursue their careers.

Make city life safer and more sustainable

Use new technologies to develop a world-class urban transport system and help public safety agencies keep up with evolving threats.


We’re helping Wrocław take on these challenges with a flexible “city as a platform” approach enabled by our standards-based Future X for Smart Cities architecture. This approach will make it easier for the city to collaborate with partners and use new technologies such as IoT, 5G and edge cloud computing to introduce citizen-centric digital services.

The city is also working with two research and innovation leaders—Nokia Bell Labs and the Santa Fe Institute—to plan its digital transformation strategy and define its outcomes.

First services

The city has already worked with our R&D team to implement proof-of-concept projects in areas such as transportation infrastructure. It now plans to use the city as a platform approach to develop new services that address its key challenges.

Health and wellness

Comprehensive connected care solutions will enable older residents to age in place gracefully and improve access to health, wellness and mobility services for all citizens.

Public transit

An intelligent transportation system (ITS) will move people and goods more efficiently, reduce congestion and make all city operations more sustainable.

Safety and security

New monitoring, analytics, cybersecurity and communication technologies will help the city’s agencies respond to incidents in a faster and more coordinated way.

Economic development

A powerful knowledge-sharing framework will enable the city to work with universities, start-ups, corporations and social entrepreneurs to solve problems and unlock business opportunities.

“When I think about the objectives and challenges ahead of us, I truly believe it is technology that will help us overcome our challenges and find the right solutions... Now we are creating a real strategy and a platform that will help us build out that long-term strategy.”

Nokia and City of Wrocław, Poland sign smart city collaboration agreement

Jakub Mazur
Jakub Mazur / Vice President, City of Wrocław

Results and benefits

Wrocław’s initial successes show how our platform-based approach and solutions will help the city bring the full value of digital transformation to its citizens.

Provide better public services

Improve access to existing services and accelerate the delivery of new digital and broadband services that address the needs of all citizens, especially the ones who need them most.

Increase operational efficiency

Streamline operations by managing all smart city elements with one dashboard and using common enablers and analytics across applications and departments.

Adapt to changing demands

Prepare for the future with a standards-based platform that can easily integrate new networking capabilities or scale to support new applications, including real-time services.

Protect critical data

Take advantage of data-driven cloud and IoT applications while ensuring that critical information remains private and secure.

Fuel innovation

Create an ideal environment for bottom-up innovation by enabling government agencies, educational institutions, industries and enterprises to collaborate.

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