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Authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA)

Address new demands with the industry’s most powerful, reliable and flexible AAA platform

Nokia AAA enables you to consolidate your authentication, authorization and accounting capabilities and harmonize quality of experience (QoE) across multiple access networks and technologies. This award-winning platform can help you streamline user and device management processes, drive down costs and reduce time to market for new services. Built on 20 years of AAA expertise, our software-based platform delivers industry-leading performance, reliability and flexibility. It combines powerful PolicyFlow rules scripting technology with streamlined processing to enable you to support any AAA use case.


With Nokia AAA, you can:


Securely deploy a variety of 5G services using the 5G AUSF, or Authentication Server Function


Prepare your access network to handle more users, devices, services and traffic

Support new business models that involve complex resource sharing and roaming partnerships

Use one AAA platform to support multiple wireless and fixed access technologies, including 3G, 4G LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi, VoWifi, Femto, MuLTEfire, small cells, FTTx, DSL and GPON

Boost performance and security by integrating multivendor legacy AAA deployments in a centralized cloud environment

Enable network element interoperability and easily accommodate different protocol implementations

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