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Circuit Switched Core

Nokia open mobile softswitch

Voice service quality is vital to ensure an excellent customer experience. Nokia can offer a complete high-quality Voice service on all technology generations from 2G to 5G and a seamless evolution between the generations.

What is Circuit Switched Core?

The Circuit Switched Core (CSC) is used in certain legacy systems and specialized applications to deliver voice services in 2G and 3G systems. Nokia's CS Voice solution supports Cloud deployments and ensures seamless interworking with 4G Voice. It benefits from the inter-application synergy in Cloud and the efficiency and innovation of data centers. Nokia Open MSS and Open Multimedia Gateway products constitute the world’s most proven Mobile Softswitch. It has an extensive worldwide installed base and excellent performance record. It ensures a superb customer experience by resilient High Definition Voice.

Customer Experience Through Voice Services

Improving the customer experience is a fundamental way to differentiate from your competitors and the evolution of voice services plays a key role in that effort. Even though VoLTE is just around the corner, yet still need to support 2G and 3G voice subscribers efficiently, while guaranteeing a seamless evolution to VoLTE, with no disruptions to your customers, while also cutting costs.

It’s vital to take a strategic view with any Rel-4 solution installed providing a clear evolutionary path to VoLTE and the Telco Cloud. Innovation is the leading motivating factor in Telco Cloud deployment.


Nokia Open MSS and Open Multimedia Gateway are our flagship products for Rel-4 based mobile voice switching. With a market-leading installed base and a strong track record of performance, they act as a springboard to the evolution of traditional mobile voice into VoLTE and cloud.


Open MSS CM further optimizes interworking with VoLTE cloud


Open Mobile Softswitch features

We offer a market leading Rel-4 mobile voice solution based on state-of-the-art ATCA hardware, which delivers high performance while guaranteeing backward compatibility. Our hardware independence and smooth evolutionary approach also guarantees an efficient transition to new technologies like VoLTE and cloud. In fact, all the developments and integrations made for the MSC Server and Multimedia Gateway can be reused in our Nokia Open TAS, our VoLTE application server. This offers a significant reduction in the time-to-market and the cost to launch VoLTE.

  • World’s most proven Mobile Softswitch for CS Voice and VoLTE interworking

  • Hardware independent and scalable

  • Robust with high performance and backwards compatibility

  • Protects and reuses investments between 2G/3G, 4G and 5G

Network modernization

If you are running earlier versions of Rel-4 solutions, you can benefit greatly by modernizing your network to ATCA hardware architecture. In some cases, there could be savings of up to 85 percent in power consumption and other OPEX. ATCA Rel-4 modernization investments are future-proof because the same units can be reused as TAS in a VoLTE solution.

Benefits of Circuit Switched Core

Continuously reducing OPEX by Mobile Softswitch and data center efficiency.

Fast time-to-market with full backwards compatibility of interfaces

Service quality with resilient HD Voice and complete interworking with VoLTE

Investment protection by flexible resource sharing with 4G and 5G

Professional services for end-to-end design, planning and integration

Drastic OPEX savings compared to traditional mobile switching technologies

Significantly lower floor space requirements compared to traditional solutions

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