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Cloud Native Communication Suite

Whatever access type they use, CSPs have only one standard way of providing voice over 5G. This is an IMS core network. This same voice core can extend voice and multimedia services over any of the other access types. IMS networks are diverse, containing dedicated network elements such as: Session Border Controller (SBC), the Call Session Control Function (CFX), the Telephony Application Server (TAS) and the Media Resource function (MRF)


What is Cloud Native Communication Suite?

The IMS voice core functionalities are built into fully cloud native containerized environment. To avoid complexity and run the voice network efficiently, the whole system is pre-tested and pulled into a single Cloud-Native Network Function (CNF).

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What can CNCS do?

CNCS provides an IMS voice core that offers simplified operations and easy life-cycle management. CNCS can help CSPs deploy advanced voice services such as Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Voice over 5G networks(Vo5G). CNCS is an ideal choice to our customers, who wish to simplify the operations of their voice core services.

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How to reduce the complexity of IMS voice core?


IMS functionalities are grouped into a single CNF with simpler northbound interfaces.


Offers a single element manager with a unique OAM interface.

Lifecycle management

CNCS manages a host of tasks, including deployment, upgrades and capacity scaling - thanks to its unified LCM solution orchestration.


How to operate your 4G and 5G voice services without compromise?

Voice is an elementary component of all telecommunication services . Yet despite the simplicity of voice, delivering reliable services depends on complex telco machinery - the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS).

The benefits of CNCS in your network

  • The CNCS is a fully tested, convenient package
  • Making it easier to deploy to your network.
  • Maintenance and software upgrades are also easier due to its single CNF architecture
  • Giving a 10-20% reduction in energy consumption.
Bridging the digital divide with Nokia Simplified IMS

Bridging the digital divide with Nokia Simplified IMS

Cloud Native Communication Suite encapsulates IMS into a single cloud-native network function simplifying its integration, deployment and operations.

What benefits does CNCS bring to your voice core network?

Efficiency in networks cost management

Decreased network complexity and reduced OPEX costs cause more efficiency.

Voice evolution towards IMS

IMS voice for both mobile and landline voice. IMS interconnection is an an accelerator for 5G Voice services.

2G/3G sunset

The 3G sunset is driving the implementation of IMS architecture.

Cloud native IMS

General network evolution towards the cloud native applications is a foundation of brand new voice based services.

IMS voice roaming

IMS voice roaming is gaining ground. Drivers are the sunset of 2G/3G and LTE /5G introduction to operators.

The power of open APIs

Industry has noticed the power of open APIs, making your network as a platform for new service creation and innovation.

Nokia took IMS microservice elements and integrated them together into the CNCS as a single Cloud-Native Network Function resulting the solution using less vCPU capacities. The result is less power usage which contributes to Nokia’s sustainability efforts.

IMS voice core off-the-shelf

We show you how IMS network elements such as Session Border Controller (SBC), Call Session Control Function (CFX), Telephony Application Server (TAS) and Media Resource Function (MRF) are combined in a single cloud native network function. The result for CSPs? An off-the- shelf IMS voice core.

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