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By adopting advanced connectivity along with edge cloud, analytics and AI technologies, organizations can harness the exponential potential of networks to build a sustainable future.

ESG is a driver of value creation, new business models and new revenue streams for our customers. We have seen a positive relationship between ESG strategies and financial metrics.

For businesses, digital technologies can reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, reduce waste and improve the efficiencies of supply chains, while societies can connect the unconnected and achieve greater civic participation and inclusion. The benefits will be lead to enhanced productivity while addressing the environmental and social challenges that face our planet.

Experts investigate green, local energy

789 million people are without access to electricity and millions more lack reliable access.

Microgrids are part of the solution and use advanced connectivity and digital services to make renewable energy more accessible and affordable at a community level. In our second Real Action: Green, local energy video series, industry experts explore how microgrids could provide an answer to supplying green, local energy. Their Introductory Guide presents all the linked decisions that communities will need to consider to obtain sustainable, reliable energy supply by deploying microgrids.

Explore microgrid technology

Finding smart ways to feed the world

We throw away 900 million tons of food every year. But according to the UN, two billion people face food poverty and hunger.

While the world produces enough food to feed the current population, over-production and supply chain issues lead to huge amounts of waste. Digital, precision farming technologies, such IoT, sensors, drones, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence could increase yields on existing farmland and reduce waste in the farm-to-fork supply chain. We explore these solutions in our first Real Action video series.

Explore smart agriculture

Real Talk: A sustainable future

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