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Core Engineered Systems

Quickly realize foundational core network services

What is Core Engineered Systems?

Core Engineered Systems is a pre-defined collection of best-of-suite bundles; designed for cloud-native environments using 100% Nokia certified products & services. It enables faster time-to-market for implementing foundational services like 5G Core, VoX, 5G Subscriber Data Management in telco cloud. These foundational services are deployed and ready for commercial use within the shortest amount of time.

The operator’s core network is going to be always up to date with the latest capabilities staying current with the latest Core and NFVI releases & capabilities. Core Engineered Systems provide a fast and proven system upgrade path with optimized and pre-certified system-level upgrades for shortest upgrade duration.

Openness of Core Engineered Systems

Core Engineered Systems can support CSPs’ needs to quickly implement essential end-user services and through openness, offer the ability to differentiate with innovative, add-ons like IoT and enterprise services. Network Exposure Function (NEF) is a part of each Core Engineered System, providing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to applications in a way that is content-controlled, secure, scalable and compliant with Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

These applications use the exposed subscriber and session data for add-on, differentiating services. Using service mashup, the functionality of NEF APIs can be transformed, composed and orchestrated - APIs can be transformed into RESTful ones, several APIs can be linked to form a single API and API notification can be orchestrated and sent to multiple applications. Service mashup can use input data from public data sources or web services Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML).

Benefits of Core Engineered Systems

Accelerated time to market

Essential end-user services can be brought to market quickly, boosting CSP competitiveness in the 5G era. Rapid, smooth deployment also generates a positive view among users of new technologies and their benefits, improving the CSP’s brand perception. Having introduced essential services, CSPs have the time and resources to differentiate, composing innovative consumer and enterprise services to compete, satisfy customer needs, find new revenue streams and reduce churn.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Reduced CSP workload during deployment and operation. Core Engineered Systems use pre-integrated products, fully automated operation and assured lifecycle management. CSPs do not need to select products individually, conduct complex and repetitive integration work or formulate tailored lifetime plans.

Always up to date

Core Engineered Systems help CSPs to stay ahead of their competitors. Certified system upgrades reduce the risk of faults, delays and potential roll backs, while automated upgrades that include pre- and postupgrade checks simplify the process. 

Low risk deployment and operation

The incorporation of certified, pre-integrated products and the use of cloud native and CI/CD techniques helps to simplify deployment and assure efficient, automated operation.

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