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Core network Software as a Service

The ready-to-go way to deliver
the full potential of 5G and beyond  


Core SaaS can substantially enhance an existing installation by offering much simpler cost control, faster time to market and greater support for new service creation.

By transferring more of the core’s ownership and operation to Nokia we take on more responsibilities than it would in a traditional on-premise or off-premise deployment. This reduces your workload to run the physical data center and infrastructure, freeing you to focus on your business. You could also gain by not having to take on associated costs, such as electricity, cooling, security and operations.

What is Core SaaS?

Core SaaS provides a network template incorporating pre-integrated network functions, all delivered commissioned, operated and maintained by Nokia.

5G core software configured and optimized for one or more use cases. Core SaaS can simplify integration and provide immediate capacity to address requirements from straightforward use cases to the most complex, hyper-connected 5G scenario.

  • Fulfills specific needs and use cases defined by the required outcome
  • Single subscription includes service, care, upgrades and embedded infrastructure
  • Standard and documented APIs for integration with CSP environment
core saas ebook for csps

Ebook: Ensuring efficient business outcomes by using mobile core as SaaS

This report describes the challenges many CSPs face in deploying the 5G Core and outlines how a new Core as Software as a Service (SaaS) can help meet CSPs’ challenges.

How is Core SaaS built?

SaaS suites: solutions, services

  • Composable building blocks of network services and functions
  • Outcome-based integrated solutions enabling on-demand network access
  • API-enabled with multiple levels of granularity                                               

Digital ecosystem framework for Network as Code delivery

  • Open platform enabling CSP/developer bi-directional expansion of all network services
  • Easy to use SDK with digitized journeys, internal / external SaaS portals aiding rapid integration, service chain assembly and end-user configuration via APIs.

SaaS delivery framework

  • SaaS operations at web scale with fully automated management of SaaS service lifecycles across multiple clouds
  • Provides seamless software upgrades
  • Supports centralized and unified security compliance across SaaS services

SaaS business platform

  • Customer-facing, enabling digitized order-to-cash SaaS service lifecycles
  • Native integration with cloud service provider marketplaces

How the service influences Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The traditional network's total cost of ownership consists of many elements. If core network services are provided as a service, the TCO elements are simplified and reduced.

Core Software as a Service for business connectivity

Deploy, manage, and scale your core networks effortlessly, saving valuable time and resources. Experience fast deployment of tailored core networks, empowering specialized services. Provide on-demand telco-grade connectivity to your partners, streamlining operations and maximizing B2B revenue.

Core SaaS to support B2B use cases

Explore the specialized business-focused connectivity services, covering IoT, Smart Cities, and 5G stadiums. Discover the capabilities of Nokia Core Software as a Service (core SaaS), which provides subscription-based, cost-effective solutions for delivering high-speed 5G connectivity to various business scenarios. Learn how core SaaS meets the communication needs of Mobile Virtual Network Operators and Enterprises, offering them reliable and innovative solutions.

How to benefit from Core SaaS?

SaaS enables many use cases:

Modernize network operations

Provision test environments for digital transformation projects, technology trials or innovation labs.                                               

Pop-up network on demand

Industry 4.0 requires rapid scalability of telco networks. Organizations may require peak load or event-related network expansion.                                               

MVNE/MVNO as a Service

Rapid, low risk deployment for Virtual Network Operators, neutral hosting solution providers or digital wholesalers.

Enterprise demands

Individual, scalable core for existing enterprises like utilities, railways, smart cities or government units. Also meets the agile needs of entrepreneur companies wanting to test market opportunities.

Metaverse experience

An on-demand core network can be set up for emerging opportunities like augmented reality and low latency use cases

Network as Code

Exposes Core SaaS capabilities via open APIs for new services in multiple service chains.


The concept of the future for Core

Nokia Core Software as a Service will introduce a new way to build and run 5G core networks to ensure speed and scale with less investment and lower risk. This on-demand, off-the-shelf and consumption-based ordering capability is heading our way.

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