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5G core on hybrid cloud

Create profitable opportunities with hyperscalers


CSPs that deploy our 5G standalone core (5GC) across multi-cloud improve their competitiveness by enabling rapid scaling for on-demand responsiveness, increasing their agility & flexibility for innovative offers, and opening the edge cloud to pursue the enterprise & industrial markets.

Deploying the cloud native 5G standalone core (5GC) on multicloud opens broader ecosystem innovation, enables continuous software updates, and allows rapid scaling for on-demand responsiveness – all supported by greater resiliency and security. CSPs can benefit by deploying their core onto a hyperscaler’s cloud, taking advantage of its infrastructure, ecosystem and partnerships.

What is hybrid cloud?

Our solution enables Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to select cloud deployment models that best fits their needs. This includes:

  • Private cloud (on-premises): CSP owns and operates the network and the cloud infrastructure.
  • Public cloud (hyperscaler): CSP owns and operates the network, which is deployed on a cloud infrastructure that is owned and operated by a hyperscaler (public cloud provider). Optionally, the hyperscaler provides automation, analytics, and edge cloud locations.
  • Hybrid cloud: A blending of private and public clouds. For example, user-plane functions are deployed in a private edge cloud, while the control-plane functions are deployed in a public cloud.

Our 5G Core’s cloud native architecture is commercially deployed on multi-cloud, across private, public and hybrid clouds. It gives you all the freedom and flexibility your business demands. This lets you choose the vendors you want for the services you need. 

What are the benefits when using hybrid cloud?

CSPs’ business imperatives are solved by deploying their networks across multi-cloud:

  • Stronger competitiveness driven by faster service launches, flexible scaling and extreme automation.
  • Increase profits by pursuing new enterprise and industrial markets with more edge cloud locations, larger ecosystems and new methods including SaaS & APIs.
  • Reduce costs by taking advantage of flexible workload placement, traffic grooming, and on-demand responsiveness.

How to manage the hybrid cloud?

Deploying the 5G Core across multiple clouds requires two key capabilities:

  • Design for highly complex lifecycle management. Automate it to work efficiently across the various cloud platforms. Use multi-cloud manageability to ensure you achieve operational simplification and corresponding service agility.
  • Build a service intent driven network. Orchestrate network slicing & agile vertical services for massive scaling & critical communications. Close the loop between traditionally separate service orchestration & service assurance, for efficient and effective management of the full service lifecycle.

Our customers’ multi-cloud deployments

CSPs deploy our cloud native 5G core onto private, public and hybrid clouds. Dive into our customers’ case studies to learn how they did it, and see what comes next:

  • DISH Wireless USA with Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is the world’s first CSP to deploy and operate a 5G Standalone Core on a hyperscaler’s cloud.
  • Telenet Belgium with Google Cloud. It empowers Telenet to develop its own telco cloud infrastructure with much less complexity. 
  • Telefónica Germany with AWS. Deployment represents first commercial service in Europe involving a Core in a hyperscaler's public cloud, fully integrated with the operator's network.

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