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AirFrame Data Center Manager

Improve operational control and optimize use of infrastructure in real-time

AirFrame Data Center Manager is designed for the common management of centralized and distributed data center hardware. It provides remote management for all racks and data centers within a single user interface.

Nokia AirFrame Data Center Manager eliminates infrastructure management's complexity by offering an intuitive system management console to monitor and manage system hardware. Manager tool delivers real-time data for automated operations and more efficient utilization of energy, as well as allows smart capacity planning for future workloads.

The Data Center Manager helps to consolidate numerous items of system information and simplifies the management process, significantly reducing operational cost and maintenance time.

Benefits and features

Improved network quality

With better hardware utilization​

Real-time monitoring

Tracking traffic demands, power usage, and cooling demand in real-time

Automated operations

Automated HW discovery, configuration and maintenance 

Increased utilization of existing servers

Automated detection of underused hardware

Intuitive management console

Single view of all racks and data centers


Vendor-agnostic hardware management​ and open south-bound and north-bound APIs


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