Femtocells bring improved broadband services to homes and small offices

Today, more than 80 percent of mobile usage occurs inside buildings and customers expect to receive the same great service indoors as they do anywhere else. Highly reliable indoor coverage will become essential to ensure that new applications and services are supported as they make our homes smarter.

Nokia in-home small cell solutions enable operators and CSPs to improve the service they offer indoor users. They provide home and small enterprise users with better service experience while offering operators new options to boost indoor coverage and capacity.

Nokia has the largest portfolio of residential small cells and the largest number of claimed residential small-cell customer wins. Our femtocell portfolio offers both 3G/4G and multi-standard solutions for residential and enterprise usage with support of IoT connectivity.

Femtocells are finding fresh favor to densify the network

As the world goes digital, people's daily lives are increasingly dependent on easy access to data, wherever they are. Flawless connectivity is fundamental to customer satisfaction. With our femtocells, operators can find the most effective way to densify their networks and deliver a great customer experience inside small indoor environments.

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