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AirScale small cells

Cost-efficient capacity and coverage both indoors and outdoors

5G networks need to support increasing volumes of traffic both indoors and outdoors. As much as 80 percent of today’s mobile traffic originates indoors.

Macro radios provide excellent coverage and high capacity. However, there are many locations where macro coverage alone cannot address the traffic growth with cost efficiency.

Outdoor small cells are ideal for providing capacity boost at the busiest locations, complementing macro network coverage. Indoor small cells are ideal for providing a flexible solution for delivering seamless indoor coverage and scalable capacity.

Nokia has the widest range of small cell solutions that address all deployment requirements. Industry analysts consistently rank our small cell portfolio as market-leading.

AirScale Shikra radios

Nokia offers the industry’s most extensive small cell portfolio. Our AirScale Shikra small cell radios are optimized to support mobile network operators and enterprises in all deployment scenarios. They deliver high performance both indoors and outdoors, across a wide range of use cases.

Our compact outdoor solutions include Shikra radios and high-capacity Shikra millimeterWave radios.

New Nokia AirScale radios and small cells

These highly versatile and compact solutions are suitable for deployment in locations requiring additional capacity or coverage. These radios are small and easy to deploy either stand-alone or associated with our small cells optimized baseband units, helping accelerate network rollout. The Shikra radio portfolio includes solutions for all radio access technologies and a wide variety of frequency bands. 

The expanded portfolio of AirScale Shikra millimeterWave radios provides more bandwidth, enabling massive capacity and enhanced coverage with the highest performance. The compact Shikra mmWave radios can be deployed in many locations, including dense-urban spaces, shopping areas, sports arenas and other large public venues where extreme capacity is a key requirement. 

These compact radios can be deployed either stand-alone or with our baseband units optimized for small cells. The Shikra mmWave radio portfolio includes products for all mmWave bands.

AirScale indoor Radio (ASiR) is a highly scalable and easy-to-deploy solution that uses the compact Shikra pico radios for a wide variety of indoor deployment scenarios and to address enterprise use cases. ASiR supports multiple radio access technologies and flexible network configurations. It can even leverage existing in-building solutions, helping lower the total cost of ownership, while providing the flexibility to scale capacity and coverage in line with traffic growth.

Nokia All-in-One small cells expand the AirScale portfolio with compact, easy-to-deploy products. For these All-in-One products, no separate baseband unit is needed, which enables simple plug-and-play installation and deployment flexibility both indoors and outdoors.

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