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Small cells

Achieve your business goals with market leading small cells


Address new demands and opportunities with small cells. Cost effectively improve capacity and coverage where it is needed, both indoors and outdoors.

Nokia has the widest range of small cells solutions that address a variety of deployment requirements, as well as the increasing number of spectrum bands. Industry analysts consistently rank Nokia’s small cells portfolio as market leading.

Small cells deliver cost-effective capacity and coverage, indoors and outdoors

As the roll-out of 5G continues, more and more radios are being deployed and networks are densifying. Macro radios provide excellent coverage and high-capacity. However, in some cases, for example dense-urban locations dominated by tall-buildings, providing the necessary coverage can be challenging. Similarly, where there are high numbers of mobile-users, such as busy city-centers and transportation hubs, providing enough capacity can also be challenging. In these cases, outdoor small cells are ideal solutions for coverage in-fill and hot-spot capacity boosts. These solutions include micro remote radio heads and high-capacity 5G millimeter wave radios.

Around 80% of mobile broadband traffic originates from mobile-users located indoors. However, ensuring good indoor coverage can also be a challenge, especially as the higher frequencies used by 5G are more prone to signal propagation limitations than previous generations of mobile technology. To help overcome this, it is essential to consider indoor small cells as a deployment option.


GlobalData product assessment report: Nokia Small Cell Portfolio

Broadest small cells portfolio

Nokia offers the industry’s most extensive small cells portfolio. Our small cells are optimized for all networks and deployment scenarios, delivering high performance, indoors and outdoors, for a wide range of use cases.

AirScale microRRH

AirScale microRRH

Highly versatile solutions, suitable for deployment in locations requiring additional capacity or coverage. mRRH are small and straightforward to deploy, which can accelerate network rollout. The AirScale mRRH portfolio includes solutions for all radio access technologies as well as covering a wide range of frequency bands.

AirScale mmWave Radio

AirScale mmWave Radio

Key to delivering the extreme capacity and performance associated with 5G, Nokia's AirScale millimeterWave (mmWave) radios are ideally suited to locations such as dense-urban streets and shopping areas, sports arenas and other large public venues. The AirScale portfolio includes products across all mmWave bands, 24/26, 28 and 39 GHz.

AirScale indoor Radio

AirScale indoor Radio

A cost effective solution for a host of indoor deployment scenarios. Nokia AirScale indoor Radio (ASiR) supports multiple radio access technologies, is small and scalable, as well as quick and easy to deploy. ASiR Supports flexible network configurations, helping lower the total cost of ownership, while providing the flexibility to scale capacity and coverage in-line with demand.

Nokia small cells portfolio goes from strength to strength  

Building on an already renowned product portfolio we’re further broadening the AirScale small cells line-up enabling 5G deployments in more and more places.  

Nokia’s AirScale portfolio includes new high-capacity mmWave radio and micro RRH solutions, as well as new AirScale indoor Radio products including a triple-band 4G/5G ASiR-pRRH.  

We also have several small cells products designed for the U.S. C-band spectrum, helping operators make the most of their new spectrum assets.  

In common with the AirScale macro portfolio, Nokia ReefShark technology is being increasingly integrated into AirScale small cells products for increased performance and efficiency.

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