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Small cells

Focused coverage and optimum performance

5G networks must handle growing traffic volumes both indoors and outdoors. Currently, 80% of mobile traffic originates indoors and enterprises need robust, high-performing networks. Small cell radios enhance coverage and capacity, supporting demanding 5G applications such as enterprise use, VR, AR, and gaming. They are essential for future innovations like smart cities and IoT.


How to boost mobile and fixed wireless experience with small cell solutions?

Seamless coverage and high performance are essential for a great mobile user experience. Small cell solutions improve coverage and capacity in dense urban areas and indoor venues with minimal infrastructure, supporting flexible, scalable, 5G-ready deployments.

mmWave bands, with their high bandwidth and data rates, support demanding 5G applications like VR, AR, and gaming, and are crucial for future innovations such as smart cities and IoT.

Since up to 80% of mobile traffic is indoors, reliable indoor coverage is vital. Advanced indoor Radio solutions and compact, plug-and-play small cells enhance connectivity in offices, malls, and enterprises.

High-performance indoor coverage is critical for current and future services. Smart Node and femtocell solutions effectively densify networks, providing exceptional indoor experiences with easy-to-deploy, multi-standard products.

Outdoor small cells are ideal for providing capacity boost at the busiest locations, complementing macro network coverage. Indoor small cells are ideal for providing a flexible solution for delivering seamless indoor coverage and scalable capacity.

Nokia has the widest range of small cell solutions that address all deployment requirements. Industry analysts consistently rank our small cell portfolio as market-leading.

Explore our small cells portfolio

Addressing your capacity and business needs.

Outdoor/street site products

Shikra mmWave


  • Compact
  • High output power, high capacity
  • Supports various mmWave frequencies (FR2)
  • Flexible deployment options

Shikra remote radio heads

Shikra rrh image

  • Compact
  • High output power
  • Wide range of band and bandwidth support
  • Optional integrated antenna

Kolibri outdoor small cells

Small sheel image

  • No separate baseband
  • Easy, fast 5G insertion: light touch install
  • High-bandwidth, high-capacity
  • Direct connectivity to 5G Core

Kolibri strand mount

Small sheel image

  • Ideal for multi-system operators with CBRS band
  • Integrated antenna, radio and baseband
  • Rugged, compact form-factor
  • Simple plug-n-play installation to DOCSIS infrastructure

In-building products

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