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AirScale mmWave Radio

Deliver extreme 5G capacity

The millimeterWave bands are key to delivering the extreme performance associated with 5G. They have the highest bandwidths of all the spectrum bands for 5G, providing the highest capacity and best user experiences.

AirScale mmWave Radios are ideally suited to deployment in dense-urban locations and large public venues locations such as shopping-malls, concert halls and sports arenas, where there are typically many users. The AirScale mmWave Radio portfolio includes products for all millimeterWave bands, 24/26, 28 and 39 GHz.

AirScale mmWave Radio products support a wide variety of use-cases and deployment requirements, enabled by compact form-factors and optimized performance characteristics.

Nokia, Qualcomm and UScellular hit extended-range 5G world record over mmWave

Nokia, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and UScellular have achieved a world record extended range over millimeter Wave (mmWave) of more than 10km utilizing a 5G extended-range mmWave solution on a commercial network. This milestone paves the way to bring extended range 5G service with massive capacity and low latency to even more regions across the U.S., including rural areas.

The field trial, which utilized Nokia’s AirScale baseband and mmWave Radios in the 28 GHz (n261) band, was conducted on UScellular’s commercial network in Grand Island, Nebraska. The companies jointly tested multiple locations with different scenarios, measuring distance, throughput and latency.

This milestone was achieved at a world record distance of ~10km with average downlink speeds of ~1 Gbps, and uplink speeds reaching approximately 57 Mbps. Additionally, ~750 Mbps downlink speed was recorded at a distance of >11km.

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