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Shikra remote radio heads

Enabling high performance across various locations

What are the benefits to small cell solutions?

Delivering seamless coverage and high performance is key to a great mobile user experience. Small cell solutions offer several benefits, particularly regarding coverage and capacity challenges where macro deployments may be inefficient. They provide enhanced coverage and capacity in dense urban areas and indoor venues, utilizing minimal infrastructure. Their flexibility and scalability enable tailored deployments to meet specific demands, while also supporting the evolution to 5G networks. In locations with limited site space, small cell solutions are an optimal choice.

What solutions are available for locations requiring extra capacity and coverage?

The highly versatile and compact Shikra remote radio heads are ideal for locations that require additional capacity or coverage. They are easy to deploy either individually, or collocated with the Nokia Tuuli 6 baseband, which is optimized for small cells. Their compact form factors simplify deployment and help accelerate network rollout and densification.

The expanded Shikra radio portfolio includes a wide selection of compact, high-performance sub-6 GHz multi-radio access technology remote radio heads, including dual band, which fulfill the requirements of both operator and enterprise customers.


Provides high performance outdoor coverage

Building block for Enteprises solutions enabling new businesses

Compact form-factors for easy deployment

Wide variety of frequency band variants available

Support concurrent 4G-5G mode

Integrated panel, directional or omni antenna

Shikra remote radio heads are primarily designed for outdoor use but also offer versatility for indoor applications. They are equally well-suited for venues and stadiums, amongst other applications. The radio heads are also suitable to complete the distributed antenna system (DAS) overall solution. This ensures comprehensive coverage and flexibility across various deployment needs.

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