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Altiplano Marketplace for network automation and operational excellence

Develop, build and deploy broadband network applications quickly and efficiently

Automation requires a custom SDN approach

Software-defined networking solves one of the most pressing challenges facing broadband operators today, namely how to scale and manage ever-growing network infrastructure. Networks are becoming more complex, which makes it tougher to reduce operating costs and increase agility. SDN helps to:

  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • Reduce human error.
  • Accelerate time-to-market.
  • Simplify service innovation.
  • Improve assurance processes.

Choosing the right SDN automation tool is an essential first step. But it is just as important to customize the automation to fit your needs. Every network is different: why would SDN be the same for every operator?

Get the most out of your broadband network with a fully customizable SDN controller

Adapt the built-in  Altiplano applications

Tune Altiplano without IT skills

  • Personalize the WebUI
  • Adapt the API and customize service offerings
  • Develop your own policies and workflows
Deploy ready-made applications from catalog

Expand Altiplano functionality

  • Network Automation apps
  • Network Insights apps
  • Network Support apps
Build your own network automation applications

Write your own code

  • Open and extendable APIs
  • Software Development Kit
  • Developer Portal and Virtual Lab

The fastest tools for building applications on your broadband network

  • Software development kit (SDK) for application development.
  • Library of open APIs with full control to access and provision network resources.
  • Integrated development environment (IDE) to develop your own code.

Increase operational efficiency with ready-made applications from catalog

  • Innovative go-to-market approach with open application marketplace.
  • One-stop shop to find apps that increase productivity and optimize network performance.
  • Automate more, get new insights and improve your network care 

Build custom use cases using Altiplano SDK

  • Develop your own code on our open platform
  • Fast track your application development
  • Integrate easily 3rd party applications


Condor Technologies develops wholesale app for Nokia Altiplano platform

What apps can do for you and your network

Network automation

Optimize & Automate

Automate and optimize network, service, and subscriber operations to increase operational efficiency and improve customer experience. 

  • Subscriber activation.
  • Bandwidth management.
  • Network operations.
Network insights

Predict & Plan

Improve quality and service assurance with actionable insights that help operators to better optimize, plan and prevent. 

  • Anomaly detection. 
  • Capacity planning.
  • Quality assurance.
Network support

Care & Protect

Maintain, troubleshoot, and protect fixed networks through proactive monitoring, performance analysis and incident management.

  • Proactive monitoring.
  • Fault diagnosis.
  • Automated problem resolution.

Applications in the Altiplano Marketplace

Bandwidth Sharing Optimizer

Bandwidth Sharing Optimizer

Dynamic PON bandwidth management for fair peak rate availability to all subscribers.

Network Trend Analyzer

Network Trend Analyzer

Anomaly prediction framework using time series analysis to predict network behavior.

Automated Troubleshooting Assistant

Automated Troubleshooting Assistant

Create alarm rules and execute corrective actions for resolving network problems.

ONT Easy Start

ONT Easy Start

Automate the ONT activation process to enable first-time-right and user self-install.

Network Capacity Manager

Network Capacity Manager

Monitor PON capacity, utilization and bandwidth bottlenecks on uplink and subscriber side. 

SFP Health Monitor

SFP Health Monitor

Proactively detect SFP issues, degradation and outliers in optical performance. 

ONT Health Monitor

ONT Health Monitor

ONT proactive monitoring and automatic analysis of key performance indicators.

Wholesale Network Portal


Wholesale API and WebUI for service fulfillment and service assurance of Altiplano Open Access solution

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