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FastMile 5G Receiver 5G16-A

Close the digital divide in rural and underserved suburban areas

Bring 5G speeds to every home

Connecting everyone with high-speed broadband has become a necessity and 5G fixed wireless access can connect users wherever a 5G signal can reach.

The Nokia FastMile 5G Receiver (5G16-A) extends the reach of 5G with high gain (18dBi) directional antennas to deliver high speeds over long distances making it ideally suited to serve both suburban and rural underserved communities.

The 5G receiver is wall or pole mountable, supporting a broad range of 4G and 5G bands including CBRS in either 4G or 5G for the North American market. It supports four carrier aggregation meaning operators can bundle bands for higher throughput.

All the spectrum you need

Radio spectrum plays a vital role in FWA services so the FastMile 5G receiver supports key North American 4G and 5G mid-bands.  With support for CBRS in both 4G (B48) and 5G (n48) and 300MHz of bandwidth for carrier aggregation,  the 5G receiver enables operators to make the most of the available spectrum.

Learn more about CBRS receivers and gateways.


Benefits and features


  • Outdoor wall or pole mount
  • Customer or professional install
  • Intuitive installation application


  • Directional antennas with up to 18dBi gain
  • Carrier aggregation up to 300MHz
  • 3GPP release 16 compliant 

Home networking

  • 2.5G Power over Ethernet to home network
  • Works with existing in-home network
  • Or use Nokia WiFi Beacon G6.2 with integrated PoE supply

Nokia Wireless app

Both consumers and installation technicians can use a little guidance every once in a while.  The Nokia Wireless app empowers consumers and professional installers with valuable information about the mobile network and the location of specific radio that each device should connect to.  It uses this information to guide through the entire installation process including discovery of best location to install FastMile receivers.

With augmented reality, customers can visualize where the 5G radio is in relation to their location to determine the right place to install the 5G receiver.


FastMile 5G Receiver

Flexibility to mount in the optimal location


FastMile 5G receiver pole mount option


FastMile 5G receiver front view


FastMile 5G receiver signal strength indicators

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