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Nokia CPE

The right CPE for Gigabit fiber broadband services over existing in-building cabling


Devices in the Nokia customer premises equipment (CPE) product family are small form factor, compact and easy to manage bridges that terminate the line and provide a single Gigabit Ethernet port for connecting any in-home router.

Nokia CPEs enable you to hit broadband targets for fiber services, even when you can’t take fiber all the way to every home. All Nokia CPE models offer fiber’s quality of experience with stability, low latency, and Gigabit speeds both upstream and downstream.

We have the right model for you in each region and for any deployment requirement: you have the choice of features like 106 or 212 MHz profile support, fallback to VDSL2, twisted pair or coaxial interfaces, integrated reverse power feeding, and different management options.

Features and benefits*

High performance

  • Gigabit downstream and upstream with 106 or 212 MHz profiles
  • Sub-millisecond average latency 
  • Non-blocking architecture
  • Wirespeed forwarding on the Gigabit Ethernet port


  • Automatic detection of the best matching profile (106a/b/c, 212a/c)
  • Automatic selection of the physical WAN interface (twisted pair or coaxial)
  • VDSL2 fallback, including 35b profile: use VDSL2 uplink today and upgrade to with the same CPE to ease migration to new services with DSL auto-detection and selection 
  • Interoperability with the DPU
  • Remote firmware upgrade capability over the EOC (Embedded Operations Channel)

Ease of installation

  • Plug & play deployment
  • No need for a skilled technician: all CPE are safe for self-installation, even the model with integrated ETSI SR-2 compliant reverse power feeding 
  • Desktop with integrated pedestal, or wall mounting options

*not all features apply to all models

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