From now to next: Nokia Industrial-grade Private Wireless is powering Industry 4.0 today — and the 5G revolution tomorrow.

From IoT to automation, AI and more, Industry 4.0 promises transformative possibilities for every industry and application. But these possibilities can’t become realities on today’s Wi-Fi or cabled networks.

Proven worldwide every day, our Industrial-grade Private Wireless solutions deliver heightened reliability, predictable performance, built-in security and essential connectivity for virtually everything. They also provide the flexibility to respond to new demands and opportunities – the hallmark of Industry 4.0. And they do it all on one network that addresses all needs, supports the vast majority of today’s applications, and provides a seamless path to 5G.

With the most extensive private wireless portfolio, Nokia is your partner of choice for deploying the latest 4G wireless solutions now — and 5G wireless solutions and so much more next.

What do you get with Industrial-grade Private Wireless?  

  • Intrinsic security – Protect your operations with built-in encryption and authentication capabilities
  • Mission-critical reliability – Avoid downtime with robust connectivity that keeps critical systems up and running
  • Pervasive coverage – Extend ubiquitous connectivity across large campuses sites, indoors and outdoors
  • Predictable performance – Meet growing demands with consistently high data rates and low latency
  • High multi-user capacity – Keep all workers connected and make sure they get full value from voice, video and data applications
  • Effortless mobility – Support advanced applications on mobile assets and transparent handovers to public LTE networks

Why wait? See what Nokia Industrial-grade Private Wireless will mean for you right now — and next.


The end of signal drop-off, the beginning of borderless connectivity. Support any site or device and deploy anywhere – indoors, outdoors, on small to enormous industrial sites, in field area networks or nationwide, through mobile operators’ MVNO services. 

Ease of use

As easy to install as a Wi-Fi network, as robust as Ethernet, and seamlessly upgradable to 5G. This is plug-and-play digitalization for almost any application. The ease continues with a simplified web management portal, blueprinted solutions and more.

Flexibility and control

From exceeding today’s needs to seizing tomorrow’s possibilities, meet every demand with a customizable solution that puts you in control. Operate it on your own or with a partner. Deploy it on-premises or in the cloud. Own it or run it as a service.

Get the right mix of private and public networks 

A private LTE/4.9G network provides the pervasive connectivity you need to support critical applications within your industrial sites and field area networks. If you need regional, nationwide or global coverage, you can combine your private network with shared public network slices. Our solution interacts seamlessly with public LTE networks, which makes it easy to get the right network mix for your business.

Power your digital transformation with private wireless

Our Industrial-grade Private Wireless solution lets you extend reliable, secure, low-latency connectivity to all your critical operations in real time. Learn how it can accelerate your digital transformation and help you keep pace with shifting markets and customer demands.

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Take your business into the digital age with a private 4.9G/LTE network that will help you use Industry 4.0 technologies to increase automation, ensure safety and security, and achieve new levels of quality, efficiency and productivity.

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More than 120 enterprises worldwide – and counting -- have accelerated their Industry 4.0 transformation and opened the door to 5G by deploying our Industrial-grade Private Wireless solution. And like we did for them, we can tailor our solution to meet your unique needs.

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