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Boost productivity by building a smart, automated port

What are digital ports?

A digital port improves operational efficiency and increases productivity by optimizing operations. Automation systems based on remote controlled, freely-ranging container handling equipment are essential in launching your port digitalization journey.  

Our maritime industry solutions make it easy to accelerate port digitalization and modernize container terminal, port and shipping operations. They can help you streamline your processes, improve safety and security, add new levels of port automation and stay a step ahead of changing demands.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio that combines our private wireless for ports, fixed broadband, IoT and analytics solutions. Our offers and professional services help you select solutions that address your operational needs, simplify your Port 4.0 transformation and prepare you to compete in the new digital age of transportation and logistics. 

Bring your port into the digital age

Create efficiencies with port terminal automation

Boost productivity by using our private wireless for ports solution to fast-track port terminal automation. This industrial-grade connectivity solution lets you put digital technologies to work to manage increasing container traffic, tighter supply chains and dynamic handling volumes. It also helps you connect more terminal assets to support automation that reduces costs and increases drayage efficiency.

Make your operations smarter, safer and more sustainable

Gain a competitive edge by implementing innovative smart port use cases powered by wireless, IoT and analytics technologies. Our Port 4.0-enabling solutions let you meet the connectivity demands of digital applications such as workflow and video analytics, worker and environmental monitoring, smart traffic management and drone inspections. They help you build ports and terminals that are smart, safe and sustainable.

Improve onboard connectivity

Streamline your passenger and cargo shipping operations with secure and reliable data communications. Our solutions let you provide better onboard connectivity and add enhanced data and video capabilities to support richer information exchanges. They increase your operational efficiency by enabling you to use IoT and analytics technologies to automate and improve processes.

Enhance ship-to-shore connectivity

Keep ships connected and support data-driven use cases with fast, secure wireless communications. Our solutions provide high-range antennas that can help ships connect to mobile networks on shore. We also provide capabilities that enable ships to benefit from bandwidth aggregation and higher levels of quality of service (QoS) and security.

Create a communications platform for Ports 4.0

We can help you combine high-performance networking with technologies such as IoT, edge computing, cloud, machine learning and augmented reality to build a communications platform for achieving your Port 4.0 goals. With our solutions, you can:

  • Connect people, sensors, vessels, vehicles and machines with the required security, safety and reliability
  • Empower your teams with instant broadband connectivity
  • Increase network capacity to address any need, from container terminal automation to digital twins
  • Get the performance and ultra-low latency you need for Port 4.0 use cases such as cargo handling equipment automation, container ID recognition and drone inspections
  • Use data from sensors and devices to improve your situational awareness and make more informed decisions

Why choose Nokia to build your automated port?

  • Deploy solutions that draw on our 30-plus years of building innovative mission-critical enterprise networks
  • Collaborate with a trusted partner that has global maritime and logistics references
  • Address your unique needs by choosing from the industry’s broadest portfolio of networking products
  • Stay ahead of competitors and market trends with the latest innovations and insights from Nokia Bell Labs

Accelerate digital-era success with the power of intelligent networks

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