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Power utilities

Renew your business with a smarter grid

Realize your smart grid vision. Optimize power distribution. Adapt to changing energy demands. Support new business models. Achieve your critical objectives with our solutions for power utilities.

Growing microgeneration, storage and energy conservation mean the power sector is facing lower demand and flatter revenues. As a power utility, you have three main options for addressing these trends:

  • Remain a transmission or distribution system operator and automate, improve operational efficiency and optimize asset lifecycles
  • Expand your portfolio by entering the renewables market
  • Use your assets to offer smart city services, plus 5G small cell backhaul and broadband services 

Nokia can help you succeed with your chosen path. Our solutions make your grid smarter, more reliable and more responsive to new demands. They enable you to realize benefits of Industry 4.0 with digitalization and automation to operate more efficiently, reduce costs and get the most from your assets. And they help you evolve your business to seize new opportunities.

Nokia Bell Labs Future X for industries architecture

The Future X architecture harnesses technologies such as Industrial Internet of Things, edge computing, cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, and high-performance networking — including 5G — to drive dramatic productivity improvements across a wide range of industrial sectors.   

With the Future X architecture for power utilities, you can build an agile and efficient grid that’s ready for any new demand, opportunity or challenge.

  • Connect smart sensors, devices and mobile workers with the highest reliability and security
  • Get the performance and ultra-low latencies you need for automated wide area protection systems
  • Increase network capacity where it’s needed for new applications while delivering required deterministic performance for legacy systems such as teleprotection
  • Use data from sensors and systems to improve distributed generation management, predict outages and maintain assets
  • Create value by applying analytics, sensor and device management, digital operations and machine-learning to any smart grid application


  • Asset lifecycle automation
    Improve CAPEX efficiency and operational performance by proactively assessing and managing the health of your assets

  • Asset reliability optimization
    Improve grid safety and reliability with analytics that help you predict, prevent, detect and respond to unplanned outages

  • Scene analytics
    Optimize site surveillance, security and maintenance with real-time video analytics that detect problems and anomalous activities

Bell Labs Consulting Services and Nokia Global Services can help you realize your Future X architecture, with increased productivity and new business models.

Nokia Bell Labs Consulting for Smart Grid   

Global Services Start up and quick launch services

Why choose Nokia?

Build a smarter, more secure grid

Support all types of devices and operational services with one network. Prioritize traffic for your most critical services. Use dynamic, end-to-end security to keep your grid safe from cyber threats.

Respond to change in real time

Optimize performance and reliability with a network that can reconfigure itself. And use real-time monitoring to detect and address issues as they arise.

Manage risk proactively

Optimize your operations and prevent service disruptions with machine learning systems that use advanced analytics to continuously predict asset failure times.

Modernize on your own terms

Deploy flexible solutions that help you get more from your existing investments and create a foundation for supporting renewables, Internet of Things (IoT) applications or utility broadband networks.

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