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Train to Ground

Resilient, secure broadband communications for urban and metro rail

Nokia Train to Ground is a proven, secure and highly resilient broadband solution for urban and metro rail communications. Based on a unique intelligent multipath connectivity switching algorithm developed by Nokia Bell Labs, it delivers high reliability and performance that enable urban/metro rail operators to simultaneously support:

  • Safety-critical applications such as Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) and SCADA
  • Safety-related applications such as real time CCTV streaming, mission-critical voice, door clearance and passenger information systems (PIS)
  • Non-safety-related applications such as public Wi-Fi and infotainment

Train to Ground provides the extreme resilience, assured throughput, advanced security and guaranteed quality of service (QoS) that your urban/metro rail operations demand. The solution is highly flexible and supports both LTE and Wi-Fi access backhaul.

Our professional services experts can quickly deploy and integrate the Train to Ground solution into your existing operational technology (OT) environment using fully digitalized service delivery powered by our digital network architecture.

With Nokia Train to Ground, you get a robust mission-critical broadband connectivity foundation that lets you use the latest railway applications to make your operations faster, safer and more efficient.

Mission-critical performance with intelligent multipath connectivity switching

Train to Ground brings mission-critical performance to urban/metro rail communications with a switching algorithm that enables capacity aggregation over multipath multi-technology concurrent access backhaul to boost throughput and ensure resiliency.

A solution proven in urban/metro rail networks across the globe

Train to Ground has been commercially deployed in more than 11 urban/metro rail networks, including Paris Metro Lines 4, 11 and 14, Sao Paulo Metro Line 4 and Austria’s Westbahn. It is backhaul agnostic and works with Wi-Fi, LTE or a hybrid access infrastructure. 

Professional services expertise for railway environments

Our professional services experts bring extensive experience gained in successfully deploying and managing mission-critical communication networks, applications and associated subsystems for more than 100 railway customers worldwide.

Benefits and features

Assured performance for mission-critical applications

Our intelligent connectivity switching algorithm enables capacity aggregation over multipath concurrent access backhaul to provide the robust connectivity and high capacity your critical applications demand 

Flexible and modular deployment options

You can deploy Train to Ground over existing Wi-Fi, LTE or a hybrid network infrastructure. Our systems integration experts ensure that the solution will work seamlessly with your existing OT infrastructure

Optimized total cost of ownership

LTE-based Train to Ground deployments help you control costs by operating all rail applications over a unified LTE network that supports future-proof evolution to 5G

Secure data transmission

Advanced Secure VPN tunnels carry data traffic between onboard equipment and the tunnel server at the OCC

Use cases

Operational safety

  • Real-time CCTV video feeds
  • MC PTT/PTV communications

Real-time vehicle status data link

  • Optimized maintenance tasks
  • Predictive maintenance

Passenger experience

  • Internet
  • Dynamic visual messages
  • Dynamic advertising

Real-time train control

  • Ultra-high -reliability network for CBTC
  • Built in redundancy
  • Strong security

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