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Practical insight from first metaverse founder

Discover lessons learned from the founder of first true metaverse.

metaverse use cases

Six trailblazing use cases for the metaverse in business

There are many potential enterprise and industrial applications for the metaverse. Here are six trailblazing use cases that are already in – or on their way to – commercial…

metaverse matters

Metaverse matters: A guide to the immersive future

The metaverse is a complex concept. We break it down to help CSPs and enterprises prepare for and harness the potential of the metaverse.

Sebastian Eger

How robots gain the gift of sight

Sebastian Eger on how seeing is believing and why granting robots the gift of sight with cameras, 5G and edge cloud opens a world of possibility.

Jefferson Wang

Why the network matters

Jefferson Wang explains why a modern network is required for digital transformation and it is a competitive advantage


The metaverse and the future of work

Bernard Marr – prepares us for the future of work – discussing what role the metaverse will play

Titans of telecoms-Cody Sanford

Titans of Telecoms: “The data race is now on”

Cody Sanford, former T-Mobile CIO shares his view on where the telecoms industry might be in 2047 and what might it take to get there.


‘Customer guy’ talks the metaverse

Steven Van Belleghem – who has devoted his career to customer experience – discusses what it will mean in the metaverse

Hatem Dowidar

The digital trailblazer

How Hatem Dowidar is transforming e& from a telecom giant to become a global technology and investment powerhouse.


A ‘hands-on’ view of the metaverse

Listen to Dorian Banks, CEO of Looking Glass Labs, describe the business benefits and opportunities in nascent metaverse platforms.

Tomas Lamanauskas- Titans of telecoms

Titans of Telecoms: “Fiber is built to last”

Our Titans have been working for 25+ years. Now they look ahead to the next 25. Where might the telecoms industry be in 2047 and what might it take to get there? We speak to…

sprinter- parks research article

Overcoming the five roadblocks to Industry 4.0.

Discover the top challenges when it comes to Industry 4.0 and how to overcome them.

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industry 4.0 Henrik Scheel

An inside look at the drivers for Industry 4.0

An inside look at the drivers for Industry 4.0 with its 'father', Henrik von Scheel

overcoming the digital divide

Ways to overcome the seven fault lines of the digital divide

How do we make sure there’s no digital divide in the digital economy?

father of GSM

The human story of GSM

Meet Timo Ali-Vehmas who delived one of the fundamental elements of global connectivity with the first official GSM call.

Robbie Kellman Baxter

Monetizing 5G: Five tips for CSPs from Robbie Kellman Baxter

CSPs keen to move up the value chain will need to rethink and adapt their subscription models to embrace the new opportunities of the 5G era. Baxter offers five tips.

Oi Brazil

The turnaround king at Oi Brazil

Find out how Boundary Breaker, Rodrigo Abreu, is taking Oi from being financially challenged to connecting every home in Brazil. 

vision for an open future

Networks 2030: A vision for an open telecoms future

Openness is crucial to our 2030 vision. The critical network characteristics will require open collaboration at both the business and technology level.

MWC article

Six ways MWC will herald the metaverse

GSMA has built MWC 2022 around six themes. We look at what each one means for today, tomorrow, and for the much-hyped Metaverse.

know now- metaverse edition

Get in the know, now

Discover the top five boundary breaking technologies CSPs need to know, now. Explore the report

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New from Bell Labs Institute

If you build it, they will cloud

If you build it, they will cloud

Nokia Bell Labs researcher David Nielson discusses optical transmission innovation and how the cloud will achieve or surpass science fiction’s most elaborate scenarios.

White paper
placeholder image

The big inversion - New value for industries

Learn how 5G and related technologies will drive digitalization and create a new growth paradigm for industries in the post-COVID era.

White paper
low latency 5g

Low latency 5G for pro audio recording

Nokia and Sennheiser research teams explore the option of using 5G for the transmission of audio in professional music recording.

6g radios

Future 6G radios will learn from one another

Nokia Bell Labs researchers answer the question “what if we could engineer radios with the ability to adapt their signaling schemes and protocols”?

Foundations for critical networks

Open RAN

CSPs, vendors and governments are working together to define the role of open standards. RAN sits at the heart of this discussion.

Networks keep us going

The critical networks that meet our world's ever growing demand – and the people who build and operate them.

Digital Operations Center

Learn how to design, deploy and operate 5G network slices at scale across multi-vendor, multi-domain and multi-technology environments

Automated network slicing

Operators can create multiple virtual networks, or network 'slices', which can be used for specific applications with specific requirements.

5G Core

Help your customer innovate, optimize, and pivot to new opportunities by deploying a converged cloud-native 5G Core Visit the page

Accelerate 5G with Fixed Networks

Bring ultra-broadband faster and at the right cost.

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