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Futurithmic documentary series

The Futurithmic by Nokia documentary series introduces us to innovators and disruptors whose work is shaping our future. Our host Michael Hainsworth gets inside their heads to explore the intersection of technology, business and society.

Episode 1

How science fiction informs the future

One of the most popular science fiction authors today says, “We always have agency. We always have the ability to change the future.”

Episode 2

The future of shopping in the age of AI

Rory Sutherland argues that AI should be used to make people more creative, imaginative and to show them things they never would have searched for.

Episode 3

Fighting cyberbullying in esports is no one-woman job

Stephanie Harvey (aka missharvey) points out that only 5% of professional gamers today are women. Girl gamers are almost twice as likely to be bullied.

Episode 4

Finding truth and the collapse of clickbait business models

Jimmy Wales doesn’t blame any politician for the state of truth today. They’re a symptom of a bigger problem that includes the business model of news media.

Episode 5

The Wikipedia community taught Jimmy Wales to be optimistic in the age of “alternative facts”

The English version of Wikipedia launched in 2001 with fewer than 20,000 articles. Today it boasts more than 5.8 million pages.

Episode 6

Our smartphones are a tool for democracy

Our smartphones are a tool for democracy, even as we fear the privacy invasions that come with a device we have within arms-reach 23 hours of every day.

Episode 7

AR is coming for you, your wallet and your identity

As AR makes the leap from our smartphones into other IoT devices and wearables, we get closer to The Singularity — where man and machine merge.

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