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What the metaverse means for CSPs and enterprises

Prepare for an immersive future with #NoBoundaries

The metaverse is on its way - and its fusion of the physical and digital will shake up the way we live, work, play and socialize.

What started with virtual worlds like Second Life - and accelerated with pandemic-era remote working - is evolving into a myriad of new ways of experiencing and interacting with the world.

Gen Z, the first digitally native and truly global generation, are growing up in this reality and their behaviors and attitudes are already influencing metaverse experiences and developments. On the business side, innovative start-ups and early-adopter enterprises are kick-starting whole swaths of exciting metaverse use cases - from immersive training to faster product design and much more.

The time to act is now, but how should you prepare for the metaverse evolutions to come? We’ve put together a wealth of insights into the opportunities for CSPs and enterprises from now to 2030.

New research:
Gen Z and the metaverse

Many young people are using the metaverse without even realizing it – and these future leaders are shaping its future.

To understand more, Nokia partnered with Ipsos to reach out to Gen Z across the UK, US, Korea, Brazil, and UAE – via the metaverse – in a first of a kind study.
We discovered that engagement is high, social experience is critical and virtual identity has a key part to play. This message from the next generation shows that – despite the hype – this is not a trend businesses can afford to ignore.

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metaverse gen z research

Meet the metaverse generation

Metaverse is coming, ready or not

Enthusiasm for the metaverse is intensifying - but when will it actually arrive, and will it live up to the hype when it does?

Our survey with Gartner Peer Insights (GPI) shows that most CSPs and enterprises believe it’ll be here within 10 years - and that organizations need to start preparing now.

How you prepare depends on how you view the business potential of the metaverse. Enterprises are showing keen interest in early use cases like training and collaboration, while CSPs see a chance to move ‘beyond connectivity’ and become providers of metaverse services.

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metaverse infographic

Getting started, your simple guide to the immersive future

The metaverse is a complex concept, combining many technologies to create many different types of user experience. Think of it like a kaleidoscope: the same elements can be shaken up again and again to create an infinite array of different experiences.

So how do you cut through the complexity and design a metaverse experience that’s right for your business? Our simple guide is a great place to start. We look at four key drivers and five key attributes of the metaverse experience, to help you envisage how the metaverse can work for you.

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Metaverse matters: A guide to the immersive future

Explore emerging B2B metaverse use cases

From product design to hands-on training, and from employee onboarding to new virtual services, the metaverse is already proving its value at innovation-minded companies around the world.

Dive into our article to discover six trailblazing metaverse use cases that are saving time, saving money and delivering competitive advantage today. How could your own organization benefit?

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metaverse use cases

Six trailblazing use cases for the metaverse in business

Let’s make sense of the metaverse together

Early versions of the metaverse - Second Life, Fortnite, Pokémon GO - have been fusing our physical and digital worlds for years. But even though these experiences are now familiar, it can be tough to envisage where the metaverse will go next.

We need trailblazers and experts to show us the way - and we’ve created an event to do just that.

Watch our Nokia Real Talk event on-demand, where we explore the future potential of extended reality (XR) experiences for consumers and enterprises. Second Life founder Philip Rosedale shares his lessons learned as a metaverse pioneer, while our expert-led panels cover everything from the role of Gen Z to the dawn of the industrial metaverse. Don’t miss out!

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Listen to Real Conversations with leading metaverse experts

Emma Chiu

'Top metaverse executive' spills the beans

Emma Chiu, global director at Wunderman Thompson Intelligence, explains the metaverse.


A ‘hands-on’ view of the metaverse

Listen to Dorian Banks, CEO of Looking Glass Labs, describe the business benefits and opportunities in nascent metaverse platforms.


‘Customer guy’ talks the metaverse

Steven Van Belleghem – who has devoted his career to customer experience – discusses what it will mean in the metaverse


The metaverse and the future of work

Bernard Marr – prepares us for the future of work – discussing what role the metaverse will play

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