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IP networks: Powering the virtual worlds of the metaverse

During the pandemic, IP networks kept us going. When physical separation was a necessity, they provided the critical layer of connectivity we needed to create, collaborate, innovate and share important experiences.

As we leave the isolation of the pandemic behind and look to the future, our dependence on IP networks – and the demands we place on them – will only grow. We’ll rely on them to power our digital lives at work and at play in new and innovative ways, especially as we begin to enhance our physical reality with the expansive virtual worlds of the metaverse.

For service providers, embracing the future means coupling IP networks with cloud-based services more tightly than ever before. It also means satisfying the need for more of everything – more scale, more capacity, more stringent quality of service controls, more sustainability, more profitability, and more protection from increasingly severe network-level threats. Service providers need IP networks that can deliver on the metaverse today and go the distance as it continues to evolve.

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Rise to the challenge with IP networking innovation

To rise to the challenge of the metaverse, service providers have to act now by investing in a new generation of low-latency, cloud-based services for enterprise and consumer customers. They also need to develop the advanced capabilities required to deliver these services over their IP networks faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Achieving this may be difficult for some service providers, especially those with IP networks that force them along narrow technology paths that limit performance or features, or those that rely on wasteful “rip-and-replace” strategies that increase costs and result in a larger carbon footprint.

As a service provider, you need IP networks that can master whatever challenges come your way – from the data center to the network edge – without compromising on performance, service capabilities, or your sustainability goals. These networks must be designed for highly profitable, long-term deployment and have the ability to bend and flex as quickly and easily as the cloud-based applications that rely on them. What’s more, they must be designed with efficiency gains that help you protect the planet as you reduce costs.


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Meet the IP network heroes

IP networks are critical and must be ready for anything – from the rigors of a global pandemic to the adoption of cloud-driven networks. But so are the people who build and operate them – and our customers are among the best.

Thanks to the expertise and dedication of network architects, engineers and operators around the globe, the world’s most critical IP networks are designed to perform, protect and last.

Let’s meet the people working behind the scenes to build and operate the IP networks that we all trust. They’re handling the demands of today’s new normal and also have what it takes to meet the rigorous demands of the coming metaverse.

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Our singular ambition is to be the world’s most trusted systems partner at the heart of the world’s most critical networks. Together with our customers, we are building and modernizing the IP networking foundations for 5G, cloud transformation, Industry 4.0 and the metaverse.


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