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IP networks

IP networks

Master the unexpected with scalable, secure and adaptive networks

Our IP networks portfolio lets you combine massive capacity with unmatched performance, security and efficiency. It is powered by breakthrough silicon and software innovations, along with intent-based network automation.

With our products and solutions, you can build an IP network that you can trust, which accelerates time to market, reduces operating expenses and drives sustainable growth.  

Master the unexpected and embrace new cloud, 5G, broadband, mission-critical network and Industry 4.0 opportunities with Nokia IP networks.

Nokia IP Routing portfolio poster

Network operating systems

Network operating systems used on Nokia IP routers are built to power the world's most demanding, dynamic and reliable networks. These robust and scalable operating systems have been proven in service provider, enterprise and webscale networks worldwide. They offer unmatched scale and performance, are model-driven to facilitate automation, and deliver high availability by design.