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Edge Network Controller

Automate your edge cloud network

The Nokia Edge Network Controller provides a cloud-native network automation function designed to address the unique needs of edge clouds.

It enables your network engineering, architecture and operations teams to collaborate through a common NetOps approach and gives them a simple and flexible way to automate IP network design and configuration. 

A lightweight application, the Edge Network Controller is ideally suited to environments with a small footprint. You can use it to improve network agility and programmability while ensuring that your network services meet ultra-reliability and low-latency requirements.

Benefits and features


Use the Kubernetes paradigm and API to make it easy for your applications to consume network resources in the edge cloud.


Empower your edge network to adapt to the changing scale and performance requirements of your local workload – instantaneously and autonomously


Use programmable, declarative network intents to automate edge network design and configuration in a highly flexible way.

Roles and responsibilities of Edge Network Controller users

Tackle the unique network requirements of the edge cloud

Growing IoT device use and new demands for performance-sensitive applications are creating a need to store and process data in locations close to end users, at the edge of the network. The Edge Network Controller lets you meet the unique requirements of:

  • Space- and cost-constrained locations where intra-server connectivity and WAN gateway switches must sometimes be merged onto the same equipment
  • Locations that support dynamic applications with stringent SLAs for ultra-reliability and low-latency networking performance
  • Locations that need to operate autonomously in case connectivity with the central cloud control is lost


Automating the edge cloud network with Nokia’s Edge Network Controller

Automate the edge cloud network with Kubernetes

The Edge Network Controller runs as a native resource inside Kubernetes to augment it with network knowledge and make its paradigms immediately available to your networking teams.

  • Kubernetes becomes the single orchestrator for your compute, storage and network infrastructure in the edge cloud.
  • Your teams can use all the tools from the Kubernetes ecosystem to design, build and maintain the edge network.
  • The networking infrastructure is not seen in isolation but operates in concert with the applications it supports.
  • Your network engineers maintain control over the network through role-based access mechanisms natively available in Kubernetes.

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