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Session 1: Scaling performance and resilience 


Real Talk 2020 highlights the important role of CSP networks

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A stellar line-up of the brightest minds in tech took the virtual stage to share their experience and vision on the future of telecoms 

Session 1 of Nokia Real Talk 2020 boasted a jam-packed agenda, featuring a host of expert guests. The event promised to be a fresh, exciting take on the standard ‘business event’ format and it didn’t disappoint, covering topics from scaling performance and resilience to unlocking business potential and building a better world. Session 1 focused on scaling performance and resilience.  

The changing realties for CSPs

Up first was Nokia President and CEO Pekka Lundmark, who kicked off with an impassioned statement for CSPs and partners to think differently about the future of the telecom sector. In his opening remarks, Pekka said “CSPs will remain at Nokia's heart” while praising the industry for its resiliency during the COVID-19 pandemic. In these uncertain times, he highlighted some remarkable statistics we should remember: 

“Today’s connectivity levels have saved up to 300 million jobs. They have safeguarded $8 trillion in global GDP, and they have allowed at least 100 million school children and 200 million university students to carry on learning online.” 

For CSPs who are working hard to scale and maintain services during the pandemic, these figures are a commendation of that hard work. Pekka also reiterated Nokia’s promise that the event would not be about sales or market share, or even about Nokia's strategic review, commenting:

“Even [Nokia’s] own speakers will be putting all of that stuff to one side. Our priority is fresh, unbiased, creative insight, insight designed to get people thinking about our businesses and our sector holistically.”

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Scaling performance and resilience

Nokia’s President of Mobile Networks, Tommi Uitto gave us a fascinating talk on the 5G landscape, and how CSPs need to scale their networks to support the growing needs of society. His words carried a warning though:

“It is important to keep in mind that being simply available, will not be enough for these networks. The correct levels of performance must be available for critical services at all times.”

And, setting the tone for the next speaker, he highlighted the need for defence against data loss and malicious hacking:

“Security is an ongoing activity requiring constant adaptation. If security is your last thought, you'll be the first thought in the mind of a hacker.”

A friendly hacker's perspective

This new, refreshing take on the traditional ‘business event’ format continued into the next talk, as Real Talk host Amber Mac spoke with leading security researcher, analyst, and friendly hacker Keren Elazari.

Fun fact of the session: did you know that Keren’s career choice was cemented by seeing Angelina Jolie in the 1995 film ‘Hackers’?

Keren explained how, as a curious child growing up in sunny Tel Aviv, Israel, she was already hacking long before she even knew about the term:

“I didn't realize I was doing anything criminal. I was just driven by curiosity. I was discovering what the internet had to offer. I was learning about how technology worked. I was taking apart computers.”

Her insight was fascinating, and Amber’s thoughtful, considered questions really got to the heart of issues like intent, and the difference between malicious hacking and friendly hacking.

Keren pointed out that “hacker is not necessarily a criminal term. It's a capability, it's a mindset”, before giving her take on 5G networks, the internet of things, and how CSPs can help protect their customers against a changing threat landscape.

Human as a service

Chris Dancy took center stage for the next presentation. He’s been called ‘the world’s most connected person’ -- but not for the reasons you think.

Chris’s story is as much about humanity as it is technology, and really examined how we can use technology and solutions to express our humanity and values through the networks and services we connect to every day.

Chris made a number of pertinent points in his presentation, but this one was a particular highlight:

“You're no more human because you can avoid using your phone than someone who spends all their time on it.”

He then went on to take a deep dive into what this concept means for CSPs, highlighting issues like climate change, LGBTQ rights, natural disasters and healthcare as ways in which networks that empowered us to buy things remotely, now empower us to heal communities in real time locally.

“We now live in a world where we access networks that become solutions for each and every single one of us.”

A global audience

Host Amber Mac highlighted the reach of his story, by acknowledging the truly global audience that had tuned in to session one so far:

“What an interesting session this morning, there is lots of love for Nokia out there and thanks to all those joining us from all over the world. Hi to those from India, South Africa, Malaysia.”

Referring to Keren and Chris’s talks in particular, she said:

“We heard from Keren – and as one viewer stated - all the fantastic advantages of 5G are intrinsically linked to security…it’s so important. And Chris Dancy…he makes a really interesting connection between how we use our networks to do good in the world and help define who we are as individuals.”

This first session has very much underscored the fundamental importance of CSP networks, from both personal and professional angles. Clearly, we must not underestimate their value and continue to invest in them as we broaden the scale and scope of what they can deliver. In the second session (13:00 GMT / 08:00 EST, we will examine how to unlock business potential as we enter a new era of economic opportunity. And in our third and final session (18:00 GMT / 13:00 EST), we will explore how CSPs can help to build a better world.

Check out the videos from session 1.

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