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Real Action

Real Action

Collaborating on today’s challenges
to enable a better tomorrow

Real actions that enable a better future

A video series that merges the worlds of science and technology. Whether exploring global challenges or new technologies, we bring together industry leaders seeking a resolution.

This documentary-style video series provides opportunities to hear from the world’s most progressive thinkers and industry leaders, taking Real Action to collaborate on tomorrow's issues.

We aim big. We’re building a better future.

Green, local energy

Real Action: Green, local energy

789 million people around the world are without any access to electricity. In Real Action: Green, local energy, we focus on utilizing advanced connectivity and digital services to make renewable energy more accessible and affordable at a community level – improving energy resilience.

Microgrids are self-contained distributed energy resources (DER) that use renewable energy, batteries for energy storage, and generators to produce power. Watch leading experts explore how microgrids could provide an answer to supplying green, local energy.

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green local energy

Smart Agriculture