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Deepfield Operational Intelligence

Troubleshoot anomalies, resolve issues and improve network performance

Deepfield Operational Intelligence increases your operational agility and efficiency by equipping you with actionable, real-time insight into network trends, including tracking of network and service deviations and anomalies. It lets you compare real-time and historical trends against values set by you (for example, values normalized over a day or a month) to generate automated reports and trigger notifications to your operations and support teams.

Track the network anomalies that matter to you

Deepfield Operational Intelligence baselines network and service anomalies and deviations against averaged values over predefined periods of time. You can easily customize and tailor the monitoring criteria to best suit your requirements.

Maintain control of network traffic

With Deepfield Operational Intelligence, you can monitor your network traffic for any number and combination of dimensions, including site or service, category, router, interface, peer and autonomous system number (ASN). You can issue alerts or trigger mitigation or corrective measures when traffic deviates from baseline or predefined threshold values.

Support new applications

  • Detect underperforming systems or weak points in the service delivery chain
  • Automatically generate reports and trigger notifications when over-the-top (OTT) performance drops below a certain level (for specific service types, classes of users or service plans)

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