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FPcx routing silicon

Feature-rich and fully programmable routing in a compact and extensible package

How can service providers meet today’s IP network challenges?

The acceleration of broadband access deployments – including fixed, fixed-wireless, 5G, and cloud – have driven the need for more capacity in IP access and aggregation networks. In today’s environment, however, capacity alone is no longer enough. There are several other factors to consider:

  • Digital transformation, along with the shift of critical enterprise applications to the cloud (and edge cloud), has driven the need for more deterministic connectivity.
  • The proliferation of IoT devices has increased the global network threat landscape, driving the need for advanced network security capabilities in all areas of the network.
  • The recognition of global networks as business- and society-critical infrastructure now drives the expectation that IP connectivity and infrastructure services must be highly reliable, resilient, and always on.
  • Global sustainability initiatives, combined with the increasing cost of energy, have driven the need for reduced equipment footprints and energy consumption.

That’s why Nokia has unveiled its newest family of custom routing silicon. The FPcx is designed to help communication service providers (CSPs) and mission-critical enterprises meet these requirements. It is packed with advanced features with the scale required for IP access, aggregation and edge networks.

What is Nokia FPcx routing silicon?

Introducing Nokia’s newest family of fully programmable routing silicon – the FPcx.  It brings the value of Nokia’s high-performance and feature-rich FP silicon into a compact and extensible package optimized for IP access, aggregation, and smaller edge applications. It allows you to deliver secure, deterministic, and resilient IP network services, while offering unmatched flexibility to quickly adapt to new requirements.


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What are the key benefits of Nokia FPcx routing silicon?

The key attributes of FPcx IP silicon bring tremendous benefits to IP networks.


Fully programmable network processor architecture with a unique cluster capability, hierarchical memory, multi-level H-QoS, and superior scalability for services, tunnels, queues, counters, policers, and tables enable assured service delivery, innovation, and maximum ROI through extended network lifespan.


5 Tbps full duplex, 1GE to 400GE interfaces with full breakouts, and the flexibility to support 56G and 112G SerDes technology to drive interface efficiency and higher density, along with more energy-efficient optics (including coherent pluggable optics). 


In-line, advanced filtering for DDoS mitigation, with large-scale ACLs providing extensive match criteria flexibility, and line-rate encryption (MACsec/ANYsec) provide advanced IP network security to mitigate against DDoS attacks and protect services and internal network links from security threats.


Right-sized capacity, scale, and interface speeds enable efficient network designs through platforms optimized for IP access, aggregation, and edge network applications.

With FPcx, you can drive innovation with confidence and attract new customers with IP services that truly stand out.

Who is Nokia FPcx routing silicon designed for?

FPcx custom silicon is designed to help CSPs and mission-critical enterprises who require advanced routing capabilities in right-sized platforms with deterministic connectivity, end-to-end reliability, resiliency and security in their IP access, aggregation, and edge networks to deliver secure, assured, and sustainable services.

How does FPcx routing enable secure IP networks?

Network security can no longer be an afterthought in IP network design and deployment. To support new mission-critical applications and protect services and infrastructure links, IP networks must provide guaranteed high performance and secure connectivity.

To avoid the high cost and complexity of “bolt-on” network security models, the FPcx-powered 7730 SXR routing platforms deliver advanced, built-in security capabilities without impacting performance. This includes support for advanced filtering to mitigate distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. When used in conjunction with Nokia Deepfield Defender, they act as precise sensor and mitigation elements. This is complemented by line-rate encryption, including ANYsec. Moving beyond MACsec and IPsec, ANYsec provides line-rate encryption in a low-latency, service-oriented fashion delivered either hop-by-hop or end-to-end as a security overlay. It can be used to secure internal network links or to deliver secure services by turning encryption on whenever and wherever it’s required.

What platforms use the FPcx routing silicon?

FPcx powers the 7730 Service Interconnect Router (SXR), a new family of IP routers. It is scaled with right-sized performance, capacity, and speed for IP access, aggregation, and edge networks.

The 7730 Service Interconnect Router (SXR) family


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What speeds and interfaces does FPcx routing silicon support?

The FPcx supports 1GE to 400GE interfaces with flexible 4x10G, 4x25G, 2x100G, 4x100G and 1x400G break-out options allowing you to meet a wide range of interface and density requirements.

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