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IP Anyhaul

Accelerate 5G and broadband growth with scalable mobile backhaul and fronthaul

How can mobile backhaul and fronthaul help you achieve your 5G goals?

Our IP Anyhaul solution provides the scalable mobile backhaul and fronthaul connectivity you need to succeed with massive broadband rollouts, new Internet of Things (IoT) applications and mission-critical use cases that require ultra-low latency and high reliability.  

IP Anyhaul is designed to help you address your mobile transport challenges. It scales up easily and cost effectively to support end-user traffic growth. You can use it to create robust network designs that support a wide variety of distributed and centralized RAN architectures with flexible fronthaul, midhaul and backhaul connectivity.

The solution uses insight-driven automation to help you gain full control of your network resources and automate service delivery to improve operational efficiency. There’s no more effective way to meet diverse traffic demands than with IP Anyhaul.

How does Nokia IP transport address 5G C-RAN requirements?  

5G mobile architectures can disaggregate and virtualize RAN and mobile core functions. Applications are being hosted in edge clouds closer to users. See how our IP routers interconnect these network functions and end applications – whatever their needs and wherever they are located.

Address your key mobile transport use cases

Our IP transport solution addresses several use cases, each focused on different network requirements. Our solution provides the automation, flexibility and highly scalable capacity you need to support all 5G deployments.

IP Anyhaul scope within an end-to-end IP network

Cell site routers for multiservice access

Our cell site routers help you prepare for massive 5G growth. They support all radio generations and can be used for business and residential services. They also deliver the highly accurate synchronization required by 5G networks, are compact and power efficient, and are temperature hardened for use in cell site environments.

Fronthaul/midhaul transport for C-RAN applications

The centralization of baseband processing at local aggregation sites can help you achieve greater efficiencies. But it creates additional requirements for IP routers, which must carry fronthaul or midhaul radio traffic.

Our IP routers give you the high bandwidth and low latency you need to transport eCPRI fronthaul traffic between the radio units at the cell site and the baseband units at centralized hub sites. We offer a selection of routers to accommodate evolving designs (e.g., leaf and spine), flexible growth and redundancy at hub sites.

Multi-access aggregation for mobile backhaul and cloud interconnection

IP Anyhaul lets you aggregate mobile traffic of all types and transport it between RAN and mobile core functions and ultimately to end applications. Whether the mobile network functions are physical or virtual, or in edge cloud or central locations, our solution makes it easy for you to set up secure and highly reliable connections. You can also carry enterprise and residential traffic in a converged network with ample capacity for future growth.


Segment Routing for Cloud RAN

Dynamic network slicing

You will need to implement an agile mobile transport network to address the wide variety of 5G applications. This network must allow you to meet your service requirements and keep costs in check.

Our IP routers enable you to deliver fast, reliable 5G services while maximizing network resources using transport slices. These transport slices use automation to dynamically compute paths through the network considering real-time network resources. They interconnect with RAN and core slices to support full end-to-end slicing. Slicing is easy with our advanced routing and automation features.


5G Slicing with IP routing and SDN

Benefits and features  

With IP Anyhaul, you can eliminate bottlenecks and ensure flawless service delivery. Your customers can access any type of content seamlessly, enjoy a variety of applications in real time, and get the secure, uninterrupted interconnectivity that business-critical environments demand.

Scale capacity easily and cost effectively

Terabit per second switching capacity supports years of bandwidth growth.

Rely on accurate synchronization

Compliance with essential timing standards ensures that IP Anyhaul meets the synchronization demands of advanced RAN and mission-critical applications.

Automate service delivery and simplify operations

Advanced routing and automation features work together to make network slicing easy.

Save with proven microwave and optical integration

The Nokia Network Services Platform eases multi-layer management while enhancing reliability. 

Reduce power consumption

Our IP routers consume 20–25 percent lower watts per gigabyte than competing models.

Case study: IP Anyhaul network fabric provides maximum flexibility

We’re helping a North American Tier 1 MNO implement an IP transport fabric to support evolving mobile edge computing and RAN architectures. This new fabric gives the MNO complete flexibility to implement the most effective C-RAN, virtual RAN and edge cloud designs for any situation. 

Nokia IP Anyhaul professional services

We provide a holistic suite of professional services that will help reduce your time to revenue and lifetime total cost of ownership for IP Anyhaul networks. With our expert support, you can get the most out of your next-generation networks.

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