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AirScale Massive MIMO radios

Boosting 5G network capacity and performance

Massive MIMO radios are key to 5G network performance and user experience

Nokia’s AirScale Massive MIMO radio portfolio offers a diverse range of products that support various frequency ranges globally. Each product is designed for optimal performance, space and energy efficiency, facilitating the rapid rollout of high-performance 5G services. These compact and easy-to-deploy radios ensure low operational costs in both urban and rural scenarios.

Habrok Massive MIMO radios

Powered by our latest Nokia ReefShark System-on-Chip, Habrok Massive MIMO radios redefine performance and energy efficiency.

The Habrok portfolio includes both ultra-performance and high-performance products in both 32TRX and 64TRX configurations, optimized to meet a wide range of operating requirements. Ultra-performance Habrok products support high bandwidths, ideal for fragmented spectrum or radio access network sharing. They also support multiple bands in a single product. For scenarios that do not require high bandwidth, the high-performance Habrok products offer optimized capabilities.

Additionally, Habrok radios are smaller and lighter than previous products, making network deployments easier and faster, whilst also reducing deployment costs.


Habrok 64 Massive MIMO radio


Powered by the latest Nokia ReefShark System on Chip

Compact and lightweight for easier deployment and faster 5G network rollout

Enhanced energy efficiency lowers power consumption and operating costs

High RF bandwidth for spectrum flexibility – including dual-band capabilities

Osprey Massive MIMO radios


Osprey 64 Massive MIMO radio

The Osprey Massive MIMO radio portfolio is an industry benchmark that includes both 64TRX and 32TRX configurations as well as single- and dual-band products. In addition to the benefits of supporting high-bandwidths, Osprey radios have low weights compact form-factors, which provides deployment flexibility including integration into the Interleaved Passive Active Antenna. Osprey Massive MIMO radios are widely deployed and renowned for their field-proven performance and capabilities.

Interleaved Passive Active Antenna

Our advanced Interleaved Passive Active Antenna (IPAA+) products seamlessly integrate AirScale Massive MIMO radios with a multiband passive antenna, essentially creating a single site solution.

This versatile, space-saving, multi-band, multi-radio access solution simplifies design, planning and installation, accelerating 5G rollouts and reducing costs. It is important to note that the same AirScale Massive MIMO radios and multiband passive antenna products can be deployed separately, providing additional flexibility and future-proof upgrade paths aligned with network evolution.


Interleaved Passive Active Antenna

Beamforming algorithms are essential for Massive MIMO performance

Read how SRS-based beamforming helps extend coverage and increase the capacity of a radio cell

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