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AirScale Massive MIMO radios

Boost 5G capacity and coverage

The AirScale Massive MIMO radio portfolio includes a full range of high-performance Massive MIMO radio beamforming products, which ensure the most space- and energy-efficient site solutions. The portfolio supports the numerous frequency bands in use around the world, as well as fulfilling operators’ unique and varied deployment needs.

Massive MIMO radios

Our broad AirScale Massive MIMO radio portfolio includes 32TRX and 64TRX products for the TDD 4G and 5G mid-bands, with support for extreme bandwidth multi-band applications, as well as dual-band 16TRX for FDD bands. Each lightweight design enabling the easy deployment of high performance beamforming, high energy efficiency solutions covering all deployment scenarios, from dense-urban capacity to wide-area coverage.

New generation Massive MIMO radios

Powered by a new generation of Nokia ReefShark System on Chip (SoC), these Massive MIMO radios support high bandwidth, deliver high RF output power, are more energy efficient and simplify deployment. Characteristics that both accelerate the rollout of 5G as well as lowering total cost of ownership.

These new Massive MIMO radios support high RF bandwidths, up to 400 MHz, supporting the use of fragmented spectrum or the implementation of radio access network sharing.

Available in both 64TRX and 32TRX configurations, these industry leading Massive MIMO radios are the ideal choice for all 5G network deployments, delivering high-performance, high-efficiency and simplified site solutions.

Nokia helps Telia Denmark achieve leading network performance

New industry leading 64TRX and 32TRX Massive MIMO radios
Powered by a new generation of Nokia ReefShark SoCs
Lower power consumption for lower total cost of ownership
High performance radios for outstanding capacity and coverage
High radio frequency bandwidth for spectrum flexibility
Even easier to deploy for faster 5G network rollout
AirScale Adaptive Antennas

Interleaved Passive Active Antennas

Nokia's modular Interleaved Passive Active Antenna (IPAA+) cleverly interleaves the antenna elements of a high performance AirScale Massive MIMO radio with the antenna elements of a multiband passive antenna.

This results in very neat site solutions using fewer boxes and simplifying deployment, which is especially useful on sites with limited space. Additionally, this can also lower site related costs as well as helping to accelerate the roll-out of 5G. The IPAA+ uses the same Massive MIMO radio and passive antenna products that would be installed separately, enabling both immediate and future flexibility, with in-field upgrade paths in line with traffic growth.


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