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AirScale Massive MIMO radios

Boost 5G mid-band performance and capacity

Ensuring the best 5G experience requires the highest levels of network performance. Massive MIMO radios are key to delivering 5G performance with the required capacity, coverage, and efficiency.

AirScale Massive MIMO radios for optimized capacity and coverage

AirScale Massive MIMO radios are designed to accelerate the rollout of high-performance 5G services, providing optimized capacity and coverage. Their compact size enables deployment flexibility and low operational costs.

The AirScale Massive MIMO radio portfolio covers the various mid-band frequency ranges in use around the world, with high-bandwidth and multi-band solutions.

Habrok: our latest generation of Massive MIMO radios

Powered by our latest generation of Nokia ReefShark System-on-Chip (SoC), Habrok redefines Massive MIMO radio performance. Habrok radios are more energy efficient than ever before and designed to maximize coverage. Habrok radios support high bandwidth, enabling dual-band radios in a single, compact product. Additionally, Habrok radios allow the use of fragmented spectrum and radio access network sharing. Smaller and lighter than earlier product generations, the Habrok radios make network deployments easier and faster, which results in lower deployment costs.

64TRX and 32TRX Massive MIMO radios delivering outstanding capacity and coverage

Powered by the latest Nokia ReefShark SoCs

Enhanced energy efficiency reduces power consumption and related costs

Compact and lightweight for easier deployment and faster 5G network rollout

High RF bandwidth for spectrum flexibility – including dual-band

AirScale Adaptive Antennas

Osprey Massive MIMO radios

The Osprey Massive MIMO radio portfolio is an industry benchmark, delivering field-proven performance and market-leading capabilities.

The Osprey Massive MIMO radios portfolio includes both single-band and dual-band products. 

Interleaved Passive Active Antenna: a space-saving way to deploy 5G

Our modular advanced Interleaved Passive Active Antenna (IPAA+) products each enable the effective interleaving of the antenna elements of an AirScale Massive MIMO radio, either 64TRX or 32TRX, with the antenna elements of a multiband passive antenna, essentially creating a single site solution.

The result is a versatile, space-saving site solution, which can help accelerate 5G rollouts and lower site related costs.

Both the AirScale Massive MIMO radios and the multiband passive antenna products can also be separately installed, enabling flexibility and future-proof upgrade paths in line with traffic growth.


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