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Kolibri outdoor small cells

Rapid 5G for the outdoor

How is Nokia addressing the increasing demand and adoption of 5G?

With the increasing demand for enhanced 5G capacity and coverage, particularly in enterprise environments, the demand for small cells is higher than ever. Nokia’s Kolibri small cells portfolio provides cost-effective solutions that are both easy to deploy and discreet, ensuring optimal connectivity at minimal cost.

Kolibri outdoor small cells

Nokia Kolibri outdoor small cells are compact, plug-and-play products that enable rapid and straightforward network extension for various use cases. They provide connectivity for enterprise customers and introduce 5G capabilities in multiple system operator (MSO) networks who provide both mobile and cable services. Our Kolibri outdoor small cells allow cost-efficient deployment of access points, making them particularly suitable for small to medium-sized business campuses, industrial locations and businesses. 

Kolibri outdoor small cells require no separate baseband unit, allowing for simple plug-and-play installation and deployment flexibility. These small cells connect directly to the core network, simplifying integration and associated cost. 

These high-bandwidth, high-capacity products are fully interoperable and seamless extensions in the network and use the same management system for simplified and efficient operations. Nokia Kolibri outdoor small cells are compact, plug and play products enabling rapid and simple network extension for many use cases. 

Our Kolibri outdoor small cells enable cost-efficient deployment of access points, making them ideal for very small deployments, even down to a single access point, as well as for easily deployable enterprise needs.

Midsummer Launch 2024: Ester Navarro, Product Marketing Leader, Mobile Networks, introduces Kolibri, the All-in-One 5G small cells for indoor and outdoor use cases


No separate baseband

High-bandwidth, high-capacity

Plug-n-play for easy, fast 5G insertion

Direct connectivity to 5G Core

Seamless extension of Nokia RAN

Management with MantaRay

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