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Kolibri strand mount small cells

Easy CBRS built for outdoors

Nokia Kolibri strand mount radios are compact, plug-and-play products that enable rapid and simple network extension for cable operators by leveraging their existing DOCSIS infrastructure. Strand mount products are installed directly on existing cable infrastructure, typically between lamp posts. These products provide connectivity for enterprise customers and introduce 5G capabilities in multiple system operator (MSO) networks.

Our Kolibri strand mount small cell integrates the baseband, radio and antenna in single housing, allowing for cost-efficient and easy deployment of access points. This makes them particularly suitable for rapid deployments and extending coverage with 5G connectivity.

Kolibri products require no separate baseband unit, enabling simple plug-and-play installation and flexibility. The Kolibri strand mount product features an outdoor variant with high-bandwidth, high-capacity and delivers seamless coverage in a wide variety of locations.


No separate baseband

High-bandwidth, high-capacity

Simple plug-n-play installation

Seamless integration to DOCSIS infrastructure

Rugged, compact form-factor

Integrated omni-directional antenna

Ideal for multi-system operators

Management with MantaRay

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