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Nokia Site Solutions

Reduced footprint, fast installation and low energy consumption


The requirements for overall energy savings and reducing C02 emissions are increasing on a global scale. Operators investing in 5G rollouts need to find ways to lower the energy consumption and the cost of deploying their networks without compromising on performance.

At traditional indoor radio sites, on average half of the energy consumption is related to auxiliary components such as fans, cooling systems, lighting and other power supplies. 

Nokia’s expanded portfolio of site solutions tailored for our baseband products makes radio site deployments much more energy efficient, easier and quicker as well as enabling lower maintenance costs. The portfolio contains pre-integrated, all-in-one cabinet solutions and zero-footprint site solutions.

All-in-one cabinet solutions

The All-in-one cabinet solutions allow pre-integration of components such as baseband units, most advanced cooling solutions, latest high-performance rectifiers and batteries into just one cabinet, available in different variants. These cabinets can be placed outdoors, and they require no space-consuming shelters or buildings, which would need separate cooling systems.

Zero-footprint site solutions

With the zero-footprint site solutions, all the equipment can be installed directly on a mast or a wall, eliminating the need for air conditioning altogether.


Nokia site solutions for enhanced energy efficiency

Benefits and features

Up to 30% reduction in total energy consumption

The outdoor site solutions use natural and dual bay cooling, which combined with advanced power systems and NetAct features cuts the energy consumption by 30%.

50% faster site deployments

Nokia’s site solutions are pre-integrated, which reduces the site build times by 50% with less demand for civil works as there is no need to build a shelter with auxiliaries. They are also easier to maintain.

60-99% reduction in site footprint

The outdoor All-in-one cabinet reduces site footprint by about 60% whereas the Zero footprint solution completely eliminates the need for additional site space.

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