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5G and Multi-Access Edge Slicing

5G and multi-access edge slicing

New premium consumer and enterprise services across 5G, fixed wireless access and fixed access

Multi-access edge slicing is a key technology enabler of significant consumer and enterprise business and revenue opportunities both for mobile and fixed network operators. At the same time, it has the potential to accelerate the business growth of industries and enterprises.

Edge computing means that the computing and storage capacity for applications is located close to the users and devices. This enables very low latencies, which is a requirement for new use cases in industrial environments such as factories, mines, and the transportation industry. Edge computing also accelerates the digital transformation of enterprises looking to enhance their productivity by digitalizing their operations and processes. In addition, it provides high data rates at the network edge, which creates new consumer business opportunities such as advanced entertainment and gaming services.

Nokia’s Multi-access edge slicing solution ensures a unified multi-slice service experience across all access technologies for business users and consumers.

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What is Multi-access edge slicing?

Multi-access edge slicing enables differentiated premium services with guaranteed quality of service and security to a large number of customers across common network infrastructure, including mobile, fixed wireless access and fixed access networks.

Multi-access edge slicing enables operators to provide unified subscriber and service experience for consumers and businesses. Typical use cases include:

  • 5G smartphone user with a dedicated business applications slice and a dedicated video call slice
  • Fixed wireless access / fixed access Internet slice for HD streaming or gaming and a home office slice for remote work
  • Slice on-demand for a gamer using local cloud applications
  • Ordering and activating a 5G slice when attending an event or entering a sports or concert venue
  • Fixed wireless access / fixed access slice for a small office for access to enterprise intranet
  • Virtual Private Network slices for enterprises and industries over a commercial 4G/5G network

Multi-access edge slicing provides secure, reliable, and high-performing network solutions optimized for wide range of use cases based on 3GPP and IETF standards. It ensures service continuity between all different access technologies, including also Wi-Fi.

What can CSPs and enterprises do with 5G and multi-access edge slicing?

5G and multi-access edge slicing enables multiple Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to serve industrial and enterprise customers with different requirements and business needs. These private networks have the same performance and security advantages as the dedicated on-premises enterprise networks; however, they offer better cost efficiency, service scalability and coverage flexibility.

For example, a virtualized 4G/5G enterprise network allows leveraging the operator’s existing network assets and spectrum in a selected area. The network slice can be flexibly deployed in just one base station, in a campus area, in a city or a wider area based on the enterprise customer needs.

Sliced 4G/5G VPN isolates the critical enterprise traffic from the public Internet traffic. It keeps business data securely stored in close proximity at the operator’s or service provider’s multi-access edge cloud. This enhances end user experience for use cases that require low latency and high bandwidth for optimized device and application performance.

The fully isolated network slices can be easily managed by the enterprise customer, or the operator can automate the management and assurance.

Benefits for CSPs and enterprises

Multi-access edge slicing benefits for CSPs

For operators, multi-access edge slicing is a strategic asset that opens a new market opportunity for both enterprise and consumer businesses with premium broadband services.

CSPs can keep their costs at bay and increase operational efficiency with central slice management, control, orchestration with possibility to scale the solution to serve multiple customers.

Leveraging the edge deployments with multi-access edge slicing also opens new partnering opportunities with local and global public cloud and infrastructure service providers as well as with application developers, which unlocks new business models and monetization streams for operators.

5G and multi-access edge slicing benefits for enterprises

Adopting 5G and multi-access edge solutions helps enterprises accelerate digitalization and industrial automation and achieve productivity gains in a future-proof environment.

Slicing gives enterprises the opportunity to leverage cross-domain managed fixed or 4G/5G connectivity services for their devices and applications running in Edge cloud. This enhances the end user experience for use cases that require low latency and high bandwidth.

Enterprise business data is securely stored, as Virtual Private Networks separate Internet traffic from critical enterprise traffic. Tailored network slices provide cost-efficient, scalable solutions to meet the needs of different enterprise and industry use cases.


How the applications benefit from slicing?

5G and multi-access edge slicing enables tailored slices that can support specific use cases and different kinds of applications based on network performance, traffic routing, latency, and security. Purchasing and activating network slices on-demand is an advanced service that enhances user experience across a wide range of applications such as gaming, streaming, broadcasting, and social media. For mobile network operators, it is a new opportunity to monetize 5G slicing services, for example, by offering premium network slices that can be purchased in selected areas such as concern halls or stadiums based on customer demand.

Examples of application-specific slices include:

  • An enterprise customer can utilize a secure, high-performing network slice for business-sensitive information and a separate high-performing slice for a video call.
  • A gamer can purchase and activate an edge slice for using local gaming applications with enhanced network performance and low latency.
  • Sports events attendees can activate a 5G streaming slice to get fast access to video replays of event highlights, additional content, and insights related to their favorite athletes and teams.

Start your multi-access edge slicing business today

Nokia is the market-leading multi-access edge slicing solution provider with an advanced product and service portfolio.

We are working with leading operators and enterprises in exploring the capabilities of 5G and multi-access edge slicing in live deployments. Together with these companies, we have deployed different enterprise use cases and business applications including:

  • Sliced factory applications with video analytics, remote-controlled robots, and telemetry
  • Digital plant monitoring, control, and management
  • Vehicle location tracking, sensing, visual data, and live streaming in mining campus areas
  • Application specific slicing and on-demand slicing

Get ready for the Cloud RAN, 5G-Advanced and 6G evolution with Edge Slicing

Today we are building the technology foundation for the future services such as immersive and extended reality. Future-ready multi-access edge slicing with 5G is paving the path towards leveraging Cloud RAN, 5G-Advanced and ultimately 6G for new types of commercial models and business opportunities. With our multi-domain slicing solution including connectivity, management and orchestration as well as uncompromised security, Nokia is ready to enable tomorrow's time-critical and truly immersive experiences for industrial, enterprise and consumer use cases.

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