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Optical network automation use cases

Automation use cases to unlock cost savings and speed up optical network service delivery

If you’re looking to accelerate the automation of your network and optical network services delivery but don’t have the resources to do it in the timeframes you need, our use case expertise can help.

Automation has become a top optical network operator initiative

Today’s competitive environment demands that you get maximum value from your optical network. But optical networks are becoming more complex, which makes it tougher to reduce operating costs, create new services to grow revenue and increase agility.

Automation helps you create a new kind of optical network that is more responsive, efficient and reliable – and simpler to operate. Initiatives in areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, model-driven mediation, intent-based networking, and specialized network applications enable optical networks to self-configure, optimize their performance in real time, recover from failure events and automate network services delivery.

Benefits from automation

Operational efficiency

Reduce the cost of repetitive tasks, deploy network updates quicker  and make complex operations simple


Optimize the network for maximum performance to rapidly deploy network optical network services to respond faster to changing demands


Reduce human errors, predict system outages and protect SLAs to deliver a differentiated customer experience

No one said automating was easy

Automation is meant to reduce network and service consumption complexity. But it can be difficult to implement.

Choosing the right automation tools is an essential first step. But it’s just as important to have skills that will help you integrate these tools into your optical network environment and use them efficiently and effectively. These skills are rare and expensive to acquire. 

Business and technical consulting are also critical to a successful automation journey. You need a thorough plan that provides answers to critical questions right from the beginning::

  • Where should we start?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will it take?

Make automation deployment predictable

We have built tested ready-to-go use cases that will help you quickly introduce a broad set of automation functions to help you quickly realize the business outcomes you need from your optical network.

Our network operations, engineering, and network services-focused use cases are summarized into the following categories.

Network Operations

Use case categories

Business outcomes

Topology and Services Discovery and Export

Get access to your network data so you can support open networking initiatives that maximize your network ROI.

Network Lifecycle Management

Simplify network scaling with efficient automation that optimizes network resources for all key phases of network provisioning and change.


Use case categories

Business outcomes


Identify and mitigate problems by using data from a variety of sources (e.g., equipment, wavelengths, external network factors and SLAs) to power predictions, closed-loop optimization, diagnostics and troubleshooting recommendations

Optimization and Analysis

Address all elements of network optimization so you can achieve the best possible network performance and reduce network TCO

Optical Network Services

Use case categories

Business outcomes

Service Provisioning

Process new customer orders in minutes instead of days, adapt to customers’ changing needs, increase customer loyalty, grow revenue and lower network TCO.

Network and service assurance

Deliver on your SLA commitments, protect your network revenue and minimize disruptions.

Bandwidth on demand and calendaring

Take advantage of automation to accelerate service fulfillment and offer flexible new connectivity services that grow revenue and lower network TCO.

Optical Network Slicing

Enable optical NaaS to support B2B2X service revenue opportunities and hard slicing for mobile networks.

See our complete list of use cases and the business outcomes they support

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