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1830 PSS-x P-OTN Switching

Scalable and efficient P-OTN switching for multi-protocol wholesale services

The Nokia 1830 PSS-x P-OTN switching portfolio lets you optimize and scale optical transport for a variety of network applications, from data center interconnect to efficiently growing large metro, regional and long-haul multi-layer, multiservice optical networks.

In optical transport networks, the 1830 PSS-8x and 1830 PSS-12x are optimized for metro switching, while the 1830 PSS-24x is suited for core switching applications. These platforms give you the flexibility and efficiency you need to enable continued revenue streams as customers demand more bandwidth and enterprises move to 10G, 100G and 400GE connectivity. 

Employing a centralized G.709 P-OTN switching fabric, our scalable platforms provide network operators with a high degree of scalability and flexibility to deliver a wide range of packet-oriented services. They let you combine packet OTN (P-OTN), Layer 1 P-OTN switching and photonic layer switching to create highly efficient solutions for delivering virtually any end-user service. 

Next-generation multiservice, multilayer P-OTN transport with 1830 PSS-x

Benefits and features

Deliver wholesale services efficiently

Our platforms make it easy to deliver wholesale services. Scalable, centralized P-OTN switching with up to 48 Tb core capacity complements distributed, card-based P-OTN grooming at the edge. Integrated packet transport provides efficient, versatile, and reliable Layer 2 Ethernet transport. Nokia PSE coherent wavelength modulation formats and shaping maximize fiber utilization. And advanced multilayer networking algorithms reliably transport services at the most economical layer.

Maximize revenue opportunities

The 1830 PSS-x platforms help you meet unpredictable traffic dynamics with agility. For example, they support evolution through 100G and B100G connectivity services. They also provide tiered protection and restoration resiliency levels for value-based SLAs and low-latency, bandwidth-efficient encryption for business-critical applications.

Meet a wide range of transport application needs

We help you optimize cost while providing efficient optical transport for any application, fiber type and reach. Our platforms support unconstrained service grooming at the wavelength, port and sub-port levels. They also offer enhanced packet optical transport features, including CDC-F wavelength routing, Carrier Ethernet 2.0-certified services, wavelength and sub-wavelength services, and highly secure encrypted wavelengths.

Discover our P-OTN switching portfolio

Our 1830 PSS-x P-OTN switching platforms are designed for multi-service networks that deliver services for many end applications. They provide P-OTN grooming and switching throughout the network. By supporting a wide range of client interface types from 100 Mb/s to 400GE, they can help you make a smooth transition from legacy networks to modern services and deliver wholesale services that meet many different service-level agreement (SLA) requirements. 

Meet the Optical network heroes

Optical networks are crucial for service providers, webscale companies, and network operators in achieving their goals of expanding network scale and reducing costs. Nokia's optical networks scale easily and offer ultra-reliable performance and security. These networks enable the delivery of new services with higher performance and better customer experiences while ensuring cost-effective and sustainable growth.

Optical network solutions from Nokia contribute to the delivery of new services, offering improved scale, performance, and enhanced customer experiences while promoting sustainability. Through the perspectives of our customers, learn how optical network heroes have implemented Nokia optical solutions to address their business priorities.

1830 PSS-8x and 1830 PSS-12x

The 1830 PSS-8x and 1830 PSS-12x are optimized for metro aggregation or metro core switching applications in P-OTNs. With non-blocking switching capacities of 4 Tb and 12 Tb, respectively, they ease your evolution to higher-capacity services.

1830 PSS-24x

The 1830 PSS-24x is optimized for core packet/P-OTN switching applications. With 24 Tb of non-blocking P-OTN switching capacity and easy scalability to 48 Tb, it brings industry-leading packet switching scale to international, national, regional and metro core network locations.

Taking light to the limit with Nokia PSE

We’ve built our optical transport platforms around our Photonic Service Engine (PSE). Our coherent optical engines enable a fiber connected world by supporting efficient, high-performance wavelength transport.


Maximizing capacity, efficiency and speed

Our optical transport solution provides intelligent and reliable network control through distributed GMPLS and centralized SDN control options. These capabilities let you maximize network capacity and efficiency while enabling the rapid deployment of differentiated services.

Use cases

Our 1830 PSS-x P-OTN switching platforms support diverse applications and services, including:

  • Wholesale service providers
  • Metro and long-haul transport
  • Broadband backhaul
  • Data center interconnect
  • Multicast video
  • Carrier Ethernet
  • Wavelength services

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