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Create a living network

Our broad portfolio of automation solutions, services, and use cases will benefit your business with faster service delivery, reduced expenses, and a more secure, stable network.

Today’s competitive environment demands maximizing the value of the network. Service providers must reduce operations costs at the same time that network complexity is increasing. They must elevate customer experience to stay relevant.

Luckily, technologies such as cloud, data insight, machine learning, and 5G are bringing extraordinary opportunities to do just that. Intent-based automation is now achievable, bringing with it the capability for networks to self-configure, optimize their performance in real time, and recover from failure events. It creates a new kind of network – a living network.

Automation solutions for different needs

Network Efficiency

Reduce operational costs by with orchestrated automation across network domains driven by machine learning.


Satisfy your customers and improve your top line with rapid, automated delivery of new services


Prioritize your business on delighting your customers with the quality of the services you provide

Stability and security

Rapidly deploy network element updates, reduce system outages, and deliver consistent, predictable outcomes.

    Our automation solutions and services can address automation across network domains, and deliver a superior business result for the service provider no matter your starting point.

    We offer a variety of solutions and services to help with automation at the customer, service, and network layers.

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