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Digital Automation for Industrial Campus

One platform to drive digitalization using private wireless connectivity and industrial on-premise edge solutions


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Simplify your digital transformation journey

Join forward-thinking enterprises across many sectors who are realizing their digitalization dreams with our proven industrial-grade private wireless and on-premise Edge to process data in real time.

Digital transformation is in our DNA. And like you, we know it is essential to achieve higher operational efficiency, worker safety, and sustainability in daily operations. We understand that your IT and Operational Technologies are often incompatible with complex protocols, certifications, and skill gaps. And the big challenge is how to accelerate digital transformation and adopt new use cases, applications, and devices while keeping your production line running. We can help you connect all your assets, machines, and field workers so you can become data-driven and adopt zero-touch automation to transform your operations.

To simplify this transformation, Nokia brings you one platform for industrial digitalization that includes your choice of private wireless connectivity and/or Wi-Fi, certified ruggedized devices, industrial Edge computing, and a catalog of ecosystem-neutral applications. Provided as a service, this secure and robust orchestrated platform prepares your business to accelerate your industry 4.0 transformation today.


Nokia One Digital Platform for Industry 4.0

connectivity solutions

Connectivity solutions

Easy to deploy connectivity solutions you can rely on.

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robotic arm in a factory

Edge on-premises

Leverage secure local OT edge computing.

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Industrial applications

Gain business insights and improve efficiency, productivity and safety with industrial applications

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Ruggedized 4G & 5G devices and user equipment

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