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Private wireless is how you Industry 4.0

The Nokia Industrial-grade Private Wireless solution is enabling Industry 4.0 digital transformation

Industry 4.0 leverages innovations in industrial IoT, AI and machine learning (ML), edge computing and wireless communications. Asset-intensive industries are moving quickly to take advantage of these technologies, including manufacturing, logistics, ports, mines, utilities, railways, airports, intelligent highways and smart cities.

The digital transformation of these activities is based on your ability to capture data, process and analyze it and to then act on it, often in near-real-time. Data captured from IIoT sensors is processed by edge computing using AI and ML to model and analyze it. The results are used to make split-second decisions, reconfigure processes and achieve new efficiencies, especially around automation. Industry 4.0 and private wireless together enable industries to fuse physical with digital processes by connecting all machines — from autonomous intelligent vehicles to autonomous ore trucks — as well as sensors and mobile workers in the most flexible, affordable, secure and reliable way available.

  • Build a more agile business that can keep pace with shifting demand
  • Accelerate your digital transformation
  • Unlock new opportunities with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Provide reliable connectivity for your people, machines and sensors
The state of the private wireless market 2022 for Industry 4.0

The state of the private wireless market 2022 for Industry 4.0

digital  transformation

Digital transformation, make it happen with Nokia's help

Meet the demands of your mission- and business-critical operational applications with Industrial-grade Private Wireless

Critical communications solutions based on industrial-grade private wireless offer unimaginable possibilities to power Industry 4.0 use cases in industrial sites, plants, campuses and wide area networks. Use cases range from machine remote control, to cloud robotics, process automation, predictive asset maintenance, assisted/autonomous vehicles, CCTV monitoring and mission-critical push-to-talk and push-to-video – all on a single network infrastructure. 

Nokia Campus Private Wireless solutions are now in use by several hundreds of customers worldwide and have been field-proven in some of the harshest environments on the planet. Industrial-grade private wireless is not only a cost-effective wireless solution but it can provide you with the right connectivity in the right place at the right time.

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Private wireless is how you Industry 4.0

Discover what private wireless can do for your business


Very high reliability

Avoid costly downtime with a robust communications network that keeps your business- and mission-critical systems up and running


Intrinsic security

Shield your operations and data from cyber threats with a network that has built-in encryption and authentication capabilities

Global market

Pervasive coverage for indoor and outdoor applications

Increase efficiency and support new applications by extending ubiquitous connectivity across campuses and large industrial sites


Predictable performance

Meet the growing demands of connected workers, machines and applications with consistently high data rates and low latency


High multi-user capacity

Keep all your workers connected and ensure that they get full value from voice, video and data applications


Full mobility

Provide connectivity that supports advanced applications on mobile assets and transparent handovers to public LTE networks

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