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Nokia, your partner

Achieve your Industry 4.0 ambitions with Nokia’s one digitalization platform

Why enterprises choose Nokia

Hundreds of industrial enterprises worldwide have deployed Nokia Campus Private Wireless solutions for mission- and business-critical connectivity and switch on digital transformation. These solutions are field proven in some of the harshest environments on the planet.

Start your Industry 4.0 journey now with Nokia

This is the era of transformation to all things digital enabled by private wireless, industrial edge, applications and devices. Nokia is the only vendor who makes this transformation simple for enterprises through its unique digitalization platform. Working with Nokia, recognized leader in private wireless, gives you peace of mind and you can benefit from our:

  • 30 years of critical connectivity experience across multiple industry segments worldwide
  • Innovative, future-proof solutions built on patented Nokia Bell Labs technology and deep R&D investment
  • Unique digitalization platform for 4.9G/5G private wireless and Wi-Fi connectivity, industrial edge, industrial applications and certified industrial devices that is easy to deploy, integrate and operate with legacy environments
  • Scalable and tailored Industry 4.0 solutions that offer the right mix of technologies for any enterprise, all fully integrated into the existing legacy environment
  • Single-point-of-contact customer management
  • Open partner ecosystem that includes leading service providers, system integrators and independent software vendors
  • Unique As-a-Service-Solution

What industry analysts are saying about Nokia private wireless

Nokia. Unmatched experience. End-to-end capability.

Nokia’s unique digitalization platform makes Industry 4.0 transformation reliable with private wireless connecting all your assets and industrial edge transforming your data into operational insights. Offered as a service, this platform is easy to deploy, operate and integrate into legacy environments and keeps your up-front cost low.  

Digitalizing your enterprise operations with Nokia is easier than you think

With Nokia’s unique digitalization platform you get a complete, integrated solution with everything you need to succeed with Industry 4.0 today and tomorrow, including

  • Mission-critical private wireless connectivity that can meet the reliability, security and performance demands of any Industry 4.0 and operational technology (OT) application.
  • New-generation Wi-Fi connectivity that can complement your private wireless network and support non-business-critical OT or IT applications.
  • Unique industrial edge designed to accelerate the digital transformation of your OT. This high-performance, ecosystem-neutral solution lets you collect, aggregate and analyze data on your premises. It enables you to support a host of innovative OT applications, from autonomous mobile robots to automated real-time video surveillance.
  • Certified industrial devices that enhance Industry 4.0 connectivity for workers and assets at any site. Our device portfolio includes ruggedized handhelds, wearables, accessories, field routers and dongles.
  • Click-to-deploy ecosystem-neutral applications that improve safety and productivity by ensuring that workers and machines can always exchange information in a fast and simple way. Our growing catalogue of industrial applications lets you support capabilities such as high-accuracy indoor positioning, video analytics, team communications, digital twins and AR-based training.

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