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Industrial Digitalization for Ports and Terminals


Create the port of the future today — and an ocean of possibilities tomorrow

Keep your operation running full speed ahead with reliable, dedicated, pervasive wireless that blankets the terminal, simplifies your communications infrastructure and links containers, workers, and assets. 

State-of-the-art 4G wireless solutions anchor your evolution to 5G. With high-speed, low-latency mobile broadband working for your entire port operation, you can benefit from new levels of automation, safety and control.  Experience how 4G and 5G can…

  • Boost your operational efficiency with improved cargo throughput and data security
  • Ensure dedicated IOT connectivity to support TOS data to cranes, vehicles and staff, smart devices and more
  • Deploy robust, clear voice and group communications to keep everyone connected 
  • Leverage the latest technologies to improve situational awareness and control in remote unmanned areas and manned areas to improve worker safety and wellness, workplace resource utilization and speed response throughout the operation 


Explore our immerse video about Nokia industrial grade private wireless for ports

Nokia’s comprehensive communications solutions lead the industry and will help you do the same. Ready?

Wider, better communications

Deliver critical-communications capabilities literally everywhere – boosting operational efficiencies in all port areas.

A step ahead for 5G

Trust the 5G experts to deploy a private wireless network infrastructure today that’s future-proof and readies you for the 5G services of the near-future.

Guaranteed coverage

From data coverage for operational services, to streaming video for remote operation and security and safety, to real-time info for personnel, you’ll handle it all with Nokia high-bandwidth, low latency private wireless.

LTE/5G pervasive industrial wireless and the digital transformation of port terminals

Make terminal operations smarter with robust and reliable wireless connectivity

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Power your digital transformation with private wireless

Our Industrial-grade Private Wireless solution lets you extend reliable, secure, low-latency connectivity to all your critical operations in real time. Learn how it can accelerate your digital transformation and help you keep pace with shifting markets and customer demands.

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Discover our private wireless solution

Take your business into the digital age with a private 4.9G/LTE network that will help you use Industry 4.0 technologies to increase automation, ensure safety and security, and achieve new levels of quality, efficiency and productivity.

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Industry-first Private Wireless TCO Calculator

Accelerate digital transformation and optimize your TCO! Compare wireless connectivity network scenarios by simulating your industry site.

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